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Matt Damon says there's an idea for a second round of Rounders

Ah nostalgia, you have given us everything from the uber-hit JURASSIC WORLD, to the uber-duds INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE, DUMB AND DUMBER TOO and ZOOLANDER 2. It seems there's no end to the marketable idea behind tugging at our childhood heartstrings, trying to convince us the 90’s were the pinnacle of human civilization. Pray tell, what could be the newest entry into this...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Favorite Sports Movies

Sports have been as big a part of movies as they have in real life. Sports offer drama, thrills, and sometimes even comedy which make them the ideal setting for the movies. Whether it be an inspirational underdog tale or a gritty biopic, sports are as big a genre as westerns or war movies. That being said, like any genre, some movies are better than others. This exclusive video...
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New Miramax deal has Rounders and Shakespeare in love sequels coming, plus a Good Will Hunting TV show

Get ready to be "Miramaxed" out. The Weinstein Brothers have forged a deal to return to Miramax in order to "exploit the creative properties in the library that [they] left behind when they exited Disney. The deal will span multiple years and multiple titles for films, TV series and live stage productions." So, what does that mean content wise? For starters,...
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Review: Runner Runner

PLOT: After losing his life savings playing online poker, Princeton student Richie Furst ( Justin Timberlake ) flies to Costa Rica to confront online gaming entrepreneur Ivan Block ( Ben Affleck ) with proof that his games are crooked. Rather than fly off-the-handle, Ivan offers Richie a job, making him his new number two, and exposing him to a jet-set lifestyle beyond his...
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New trailer for Runner Runner with Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake breaks it down

A new trailer for RUNNER RUNNER has dropped, breaking it down to rap music, which always seems to be the main source for highlighting pimpalicious behavior (i.e. expensive cars, expensive suits, grand entrances, hot chicks dancing, and champagne glasses clinking). Here we see Justin Timberlake and Batman Ben Affleck going head-to-head like true online gambling badasses......
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Set Visit: Runner Runner: Part 1: Puerto Rico and the Sexy Thrill of Online Gambling

There are certain places in the world that police and locals alike just don’t go. Certain neighborhoods, like Baldwin Village as portrayed in TRAINING DAY, where it is simply not an option to venture because you’re not a part of the community and will thereby very possibly get your shit f***cked up in a big way. That’s the sort of place I found myself one hot and...
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Set Visit: Runner Runner: Part 2: Death by Alligator and the Sexy Thrill of Interviews!

(read PART 1 of our set visit here) For those of you tuning back in, or those of you being rebellious by checking out Part Two of this set visit first, we left off with twenty four journalists and myself standing around on the set of RUNNER RUNNER located in a slum called La Perla.  We'd just finished watching a scene between Justin Timberlake and Gemma Arterton shot...
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First full trailer for online gambling pic Runner Runner with Justin Timberlake and Ben Affleck

The first full trailer for RUNNER RUNNER has dropped (after being teased yesterday), featuring all the intrigue, suspense, and danger that you'd come to expect from offshore online gambling. The thriller comes from director Brad Fuhrman (THE LINCOLN LAWYER) and stars Justin Timberlake as a grad student struggling to pay his tuition who gets embroiled in a gambling kingpin's world of...
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Justin Timberlake goes up against Evil Ben Affleck in this first look at the Runner Runner trailer

I usually don't like to post trailers that have been crapped on by an Entertainment Tonight voice-over, but this is the only footage currently available for the upcoming thriller RUNNER RUNNER starring Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake . Plus, unlike most ET exclusives, they show almost the entire trailer. RUNNER RUNNER is Justin Timberlake 's first starring role since...
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