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Awfully Good: Masters of the Universe

This week marks the 30th anniversary of one of the greatest awfully good movies ever forged….   Masters of the Universe (1987)   Director: Gary Goddard Stars: Dolph Lundgren, Frank Langella, Courtney Cox On the run from the evil Skeletor, He-Man and his friends are transported from Castle Grayskull to a strange new...
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Awfully Good: Supergirl

Before WONDER WOMAN, ELEKTRA , CATWOMAN and even BARB WIRE , there was this first cinematic superheroine…   Supergirl (1984)   Director: Jeannot Szwarc Stars: Helen Slater, Faye Dunaway, Peter O'Toole Superman's Kryptonian cousin travels to Earth to track down an important battery and gets caught up...
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The Dark Crystal prequel series coming from Netflix and Louis Leterrier

One virtually undisputed fact in this world is that Jim Henson ’s work in the field of puppetry and animatronics is second to none, creating such classic characters as The Muppets and bringing us movies like LABYRINTH. One of his more notable works is THE DARK CRYSTAL, an 80s children’s movie that used groundbreaking animatronics to transport viewers into a new, wide and...
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Cast This: He-Man (Masters of the Universe)

Over the past decade, Hollywood nostalgia for famous properties from the 1980s has given us (among other things) a seemingly endless live-action TRANSFORMERS franchise, a trio of SMURFS movies, a couple of big-screen G.I. JOE missions and one JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS. But one guy who can't seem to get a break is He-Man. In the thirty years since shirtless Dolph Lundgren battled...
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McG offers latest update on Masters of the Universe script and casting

Children of the 80s have long been waiting for a proper cinematic adaptation of the cartoon/toy franchise MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. While many of us have a soft spot for the campy 1987 film starring Dolph Lundgren and Frank Langella , a faithful fantasy epic based on the He-Man mythology is what we are craving. Development on a new film has been progressing and current director McG...
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Kellan Lutz has met with McG about a role in Masters of the Universe

At the start of the year, we brought you word that director McG (TERMINATOR SALVATION, 3 DAYS TO KILL) was in talks to direct Sony's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE reboot, and it sounds like he has landed the gig, based on a recent tweet by THE LEGEND OF HERCULES and THE EXPENDABLES 3 actor Kellan Lutz . Late last week, Lutz took to his Twitter account to reveal that he has met with...
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McG in talks to direct Masters of the Universe

Based on the Mattel toy line of the same name, MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE follows a warrior named Prince Adam who has the power to transform into the heroic He-Man. His nemesis is the villainous Skeletor who seeks to conquer a fortress known as Castle Grayskull in order to learn the secrets held within. That's your set-up, for those unfamiliar, and Hollywood has been working on...
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Thor scribe trades in Asgard for Eternia to pen Masters of the Universe

After living in the world of Asgard for the past few years, screenwriter Christopher Yost (THOR: THE DARK WORLD) is ready to head to another brightly coloured mystical land; per Variety , Yost has been tapped perform a rewrite on Sony's MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE reboot. You all know what MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is about, but lets take short refresher together shall we?...
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First look at Melissa Benoist in costume from CBS' Supergirl TV series

With ARROW and THE FLASH, Greg Berlanti has given us two solid hours of superhero television. With his third attempt at adapting a DC Comics character, Berlanti will try to do the same for Supergirl. With a cast that includes former SUPERGIRL Helen Slater , former Superman Dean Cain , Calista Flockhart , and WHIPLASH actress Mellisa Benoist in the title role, the new series will...
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Could this be our first look at Battlecat from Masters of the Universe?

Back in January, Columbia Pictures executive Devon Franklin tweeted an image of the title page to Jeff Wadlow 's script for a new take on the 80s cartoon MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. Since then, there has not been much news about the film. In the interim, Sony has had some big shake-ups behind the scenes, so it is tough to tell which projects are making progress and which are dead in the...
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Whiplash and Glee star Melissa Benoist lands role of Supergirl in CBS series

Melissa Benoist has been officially been cast as the title character in CBS' new Supergirl series. The 26-year-old actress can currently be seen as Miles Teller ’s love interest in the critically acclaimed WHIPLASH. Some astute readers with questionable taste in TV may recognize her from a role on Glee that she had for two seasons. That would make her the second Glee cast...
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Jeff Wadlow has delivered a new script for the Masters of the Universe movie

Looks like the new MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE movie is one step closer to becoming a reality as screenwriter Jeff Wadlow has turned in a new draft of the screenplay to Columbia Pictures. Wadlow has been attached to the film since the middle of last year as both writer and possible director, but this seems to be the first confirmation we have that the project is developing under his...
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