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Riddick director David Twohy to helm sci-fi drama Ice Moon Rising

Variety is reporting that David Twohy , who was behind the camera for all three of Vin Diesel 's RIDDICK flicks and will return FURIA, the planned fourth installment in the series, has been set to write and direct a sci-fi drama titled ICE MOON RISING. The film, which will feature a female Chinese lead character, is being produced by Das Films’ Sriram Das and Greater...
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Riddick sequel will be an origin story; TV companion series in the works

Earlier this week Vin Diesel gave a casting update for XXX 3 by revealing that Samuel L. Jackson will be back for the planned movie, and the actor once again took to Facebook to announce that he and director David Twohy are aiming to start production on FURIA, the fourth installment in the RIDDICK film series, in early 2017 . In the video below, Diesel also said...
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Writing on the Riddick sequel will begin next month, says Vin Diesel

While the FAST & FURIOUS franchise is definitely Vin Diesel 's bread and butter, his passion for the character of Richard B. Riddick has kept the RIDDICK franchise out of the jaws of death for many years. After CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK failed to generate any major critical or commercial interest, it seemed as though the franchise was dead in the water; however, Vin Diesel 's...
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Warner Bros. is developing another installment of The Fugitive

THE FUGITIVE hit theaters in 1993 and seemingly did the impossible in translating a well-received show into an even BETTER movie. Following the unjustly accused Dr. Richard Kimble ( Harrison Ford ), the movie chronicles the efforts of his escaping a nationwide manhunt to find his wife's killer. There was some attempt to sequel-ize the formula with Tommy Lee Jones ' character in...
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Riddick director David Twohy to helm time travel thriller Replay

RIDDICK director David Twohy has found his next project and it will keep him in the familiar scifi territory that has been his wheelhouse since helming the popular Vin Diesel franchise. This time, the film will be less space opera and more thriller as Twohy has signed up to helm REPLAY for Relativity. Written by Joe Gazzam, REPLAY will be a time travel thriller with elements of THE...
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Vin Diesel says that Universal is looking at developing a sequel to Riddick

Speaking to his fans via Facebook, actor Vin Diesel released a new video that has him dancing in celebration of the news that last summer's RIDDICK is now at the top of the DVD charts. Diesel, who has 63.7 million likes on his Facebook page, also relayed that as a result of the film's success, Universal is now looking to develop a sequel, which would make it the fourth entry in the...
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Riddick's Katee Sackhoff hints at possible Marvel movie involvement

Actress Katee Sackhoff has been very vocal about her fangirl status and after a successful turn as Starbuck in Battlestar Galactica, voice work in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Robot Chicken, Superhero Squad, and even a turn on 24, it appears that she's been pretty consistent. Currently starring in RIDDICK, Sackhoff was on The Schmoes Know Podcast and cryptically revealed that she may or may...
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Top 10 reasons to cast Vin Diesel in everything

With the opening of RIDDICK, Vin Diesel's passion project, we are once again reminded just how cool Diesel actually is. Love his movies or hate them, you cannot argue that the guy is not someone who appears to take their celebrity lightly. He revels in what he has gained in life and enjoys every minute of it. So, lets look at ten reasons why Vin Diesel deserves to be in every movie that he...
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Face-Off: Pitch Black vs. The Chronicles of Riddick

Last week's Face-Off featured two cool movie characters battling it out: Frank Bullitt from BULLITT vs. The Driver from DRIVE . Frank won the battle but very few votes were counted as many responded with outrage at the fact that Steve McQueen lost to Ryan Gosling and DRIVE beat out BULLITT when in fact the article said nothing of the sort. Therefore, votes for the actors and movies...
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Review: Riddick

PLOT: Solemn anti-hero Richard B. Riddick finds himself stranded on a hellish planet faced with mercenaries and vicious alien creatures targeting his head. REVIEW: RIDDICK is like one of those cheesy 80s/90s era Roger Corman flicks that you'd see on late-night cable given a proper budget. It's thoroughly cheesy, short on imagination (but high on testosterone and death), not...
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New behind-the-scenes featurette for Riddick features new footage and story details!

The third entry in the RIDDICK franchise, the simply-titled RIDDICK, is just a week away and it's looking like a pretty balanced effort to bridge the two previous efforts to the continuing story of the night-vision enabled Furyan played by Vin Diesel . Since 2000's PITCH BLACK fans have asked for more of the hard-edged character and were given the sequel, 2004's THE CHRONICLES OF...
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Check out these three new badass clips from Riddick

The other day I mentioned that I was excited to see RIDDICK and I happened to stun everyone in the room, then I showed off the trailer. That changed a few minds. What's not to love about this? Of course it looks awesome but my new love for Katee Sackhoff only makes this a million times more appealing. For those looking for more footage from the flick, three clips dropped that...
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