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Erik Estrada shares some harsh words about Dax Shephard's CHiPs movie

While there may not be many people (under 40) who recall CHiPS, the show chronicling the adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers, Erik Estrada certainly does. Estrada, who played Frank “Ponch” Poncherello in the original series, has seen the trailer for Dax Shepard 's recent adaption and doesn't appear to be a fan! How about that! He shared...
7 days ago
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Someone's gonna get hurt in the first CHiPs trailer

With no new JUMP STREET movie on the seeable horizon, other studios are looking to capitalize by doing their own over-the-top-raunchy-self-deprecating-satire-homage-meta-reboot comedy version of near forgotten TV shows. This summer we have BAYWATCH , but before that CHIPS will ride in at the end of March, and though that isn’t too far away we have the first trailer ready to go...
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Dax Shepard and Michael Pena suit up in this first image from CHiPs

CHIPS, somewhat based on the show of the same name, follows the adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers as they make their rounds on the freeways of Los Angeles. As with 21 JUMP STREET and BAYWATCH, CHIPS looks to take a classic TV show formula and spin it into more of a comedic venture. This time around, Dax Shepard will be writing, directing AND starring...
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Idiocracy is returning to select theaters

Ever since the film's release, there's always that person you know who says that Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY is "coming true!" It's hard to argue with the evidence, but in case you wanted to re-experience the laughs/horror of what the film has to offer, it's returning to select theaters! Some of the cast and crew of IDIOCRACY will be show up in-person at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica...
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Ruh-Roh! Dax Shepard tapped to direct new Scooby-Doo movie

Dax Shephard (star of PUNK'D and Dane Cook 's EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH) has just signed on to co-direct a SCOOBY-DOO animated feature alongside animation vet Tony Cervone (director of straight-to-DVD films like SCOOBY-DOO AND KISS: ROCK AND ROLL MYSTERY and FLINTSTONES & WWE: STONE AGE SMACKDOWN, which are somehow things that exist because life is chaos with no...
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Kristen Bell gets her motor running and joins the cast of CHiPs

Adding Kristen Bell to your cast never sounds like a bad idea, so kudos to the big screen treatment of CHiPs, which has managed to secure the VERONICA MARS star for a little piece of their motorcycle cop world... sorry, highway patrol to be exact. While details of her role haven't escaped custody yet, Bell is joining her husband Dax Shepard on the film, as he'll be both...
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Review: This Is Where I Leave You (TIFF 2014)

PLOT: The combative Altman family is reunited after their patriarch dies. Now, to full-fill his last request, the grown children ( Jason Bateman , Tina Fey , Corey Stoll , Adam Driver ) and their mother ( Jane Fonda ) have to sit Shiva together for seven days. REVIEW: THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU is another of the inoffensive mainstream studio movies that...
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Dax Shepard to write, direct and star in a film version of Chips

If you have been sitting at home waiting for a big screen adaptation for your favorite TV series CHiPs to come along, well get up off that couch and put on some pants! Dax Shepard ( HIT AND RUN ), the actor, comedian, writer and director, will be bringing a film version of the classic NBC TV series to theaters. Shepard is set to play Jon Baker, the by-the-book officer played by...
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Trailer for This Is Where I Leave You starring Jason Bateman and Tina Fey

If you're the type wondering what director Shawn Levy (THE INTERNSHIP, REAL STEAL) has been up to, feel free to placate those fears as the trailer for his latest, THIS IS WHERE I LEAVE YOU, is here! The story finds a family coming together for a funeral and attempting to reconnect. In these situations, an ensemble cast will make or break your movie, but we're lucky to have the...
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The Best Movie You Never Saw: Idiocracy

Welcome to The Best Movie You NEVER Saw, a column dedicated to examining films that have flown under the radar or gained traction throughout the years, earning them a place as a cult classic or underrated gem that was either before it’s time or has aged like a fine wine. This week we’ll be examining Mike Judge ’s ill-fated, cult favorite IDIOCRACY....
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Review: Hit and Run

PLOT: When his girlfriend gets the job interview of a lifetime in Los Angeles, a former criminal under witness protection decides to brave it all and drive her to the city where his dangerous past still haunts him. Along the way they get involved with jealous ex-boyfriends, federal marshals and Bradley Cooper with dreadlocks.  REVIEW: Appropriately, given its title, HIT AND RUN came...
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