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Cool Holiday Gifts 2016: Cyber Monday Deals

CLICK HERE FOR OUR BLACK FRIDAY DEALS! The onslaught of sales continues with Cyber Monday! The only difference is you don't have to fight with crowds in a GLADIATOR-style arena (i.e. entrance to Wal-Mart) to get in on some money-saving deals. is running a number of specials that kick off their Cyber Monday Deals Week and below we've comprised a smattering of some...
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Tony Scott, director of Top Gun, Man On Fire, and True Romance, has died (1944-2012)

UPDATE: It is now being reported that the director had "inoperable brain cancer" before his suicide. UPDATE#2: Sadly, now it is being reported that he did NOT have brain cancer. We will leave the rest to the autopsy results. At this point, we're just saddened to see this man's life end. A crushing blow has been dealt to the filmmaking community today, as legendary director...
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