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Todd McFarlane on Spawn movie and Sam & Twitch TV series with Kevin Smith

It's been twenty years since the release of the first SPAWN film, and Todd McFarlane has been quite passionate about giving the character the reboot he deserves, and he'll finally get his chance now that Blumhouse Productions has come onboard. At New York Comic-Con, Todd McFarlane said that production on the " dark and R-rated " SPAWN would get underway next...
3 days ago
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C'mon Hollywood: Don't screw up the Spawn reboot!

When I was growing up as an awkward Goth kid (instead of the highly secure Goth adult I am today), I obviously gravitated towards “darker” and “edgier” heroes like Batman, The Punisher, and of course – the patron saint of grimdark edgelords – Spawn . Hell, I’m still a fan of Spawn, and even have a soft spot for the ’97 feature film...
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Todd McFarlane confirms February start date for R-rated Spawn film

Earlier today, Spawn creator Todd McFarlane made a promise to those attending this years New York City Comic-Con that he would post daily Facebook updates during filming to chronicle the day-in-day-out goings-on of life on the set of the planned R-rated SPAWN film. Now set to go into pre-production after the upcoming holiday season for a February production start,...
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Awfully Good: Spawn

With this movie recently turning 20 and a reboot officially announced, now seems like a good time to look back at…   Spawn (1997)   Director: Mark A.Z. Dippe Stars: Michael Jai White, John Leguizamo, Martin Sheen A murdered black ops soldier sells his soul to the devil in order to see his family again, only to be...
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Update: Todd McFarlane to team up with Blumhouse for Spawn movie

Update: Todd McFarlane promised an announcement about his SPAWN reboot at San Diego Comic-Con today, and here it is. McFarlane revealed via Facebook Live that the SPAWN movie has found a home at Blumhouse Productions and that Jason Blum will be producing, which means that the SPAWN film has moved much closer to becoming real. Todd McFarlane has already written the first draft of...
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Todd McFarlane has finished a new script for Spawn and he wants to direct

Now that DEADPOOL is bringing in some serious box-office dollars with it's R-rated goodness, you can bet that studios will be looking at some more off-the-wall comic book characters to bring to the silver screen. In this case, it's one of the comic creators. Todd McFarlane brought the character Spawn to comics in the early 90s, and after one failed attempt to transition him to the...
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Review: Extraction

  PLOT: When a veteran CIA agent ( Bruce Willis ) is taken prisoner on a mission, his case officer son ( Kellan Lutz ) mounts an off-the-books rescue attempt with his ex-flame ( Gina Carano ) in-tow. REVIEW: Call me crazy or least very naive, but I actually had a decent amount of hope for EXTRACTION. While the fact that it's another Emmett-Furla VOD by way of...
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Bruce Willis awaits rescue in Extraction trailer

I remember the good old days when you used to be excited to hear Bruce Willis was in a movie. It made you want to see it, and that includes flicks like HUDSON HAWK. But Willis has been so hit and miss over the years, with such a disparity in quality between them. The highs have been really solid, making you lust for more good Bruce Willis films to come down the pike, and the lows have...
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Review: Heist

  PLOT: Desperate for cash, the father ( Jeffrey Dean Morgan ) of a terminally ill child rip-offs a violent casino boss ( Robert De Niro ) and finds himself pinned-down by both gangsters and the cops on a crowded city bus with his cohorts. REVIEW: HEIST is yet another Emmett/Furla DTV wonder. While the two have been responsible for some solid, legit studio films over the...
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Cool Videos: Fan made Spawn short is a stylistic delight

In the wake of the infamous Deadpool short and that pretty nifty Punisher short that hit a while back featuring Thomas Jane, it seems that fan-made efforts are gaining more traction than ever. Talk of a SPAWN sequel/reboot has been going on almost since the film's release back in 1997. We may not be any closer, but a writer/director by the name of Michael Paris took it upon...
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Todd McFarlane offers up budget and tone for the Spawn reboot

I've been glued to SPAWN since the HBO show premiered in 1997. Even now it's one of the best animated comic series I've ever seen. HBO allowed the character to leap right off the page and didn't turn away from the violence or graphic nature of the series. Then the movie came out a few months later…. I was letdown. How could a movie even try to top that? It should have...
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Todd McFarlane says the new Spawn movie may begin production in 2014

Back in 1997, SPAWN was released and disappointed fans of the comic book by trying too hard to be a superhero movie instead of a horror story featuring a superhero character. While I enjoyed the movie for what it was, including a great turn by John Leguizamo , SPAWN just fell flat. We have been hoping for a long time to get a better movie version of the character on the big screen...
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