Ben Affleck says Snyder and Whedon had different visions for Justice League

So JUSTICE LEAGUE is almost upon us. After many false starts and dashed hopes, it seems the movie is finally on its way. But it's not coming without some problems behind-the-scenes. This includes the family tragedy of Zack Snyder causing him to step down and have Joss Whedon stepping in, as well as a prolonged - and expensive - re-shooting schedule (which includes the story...
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Promo released for upcoming series Krypton following Superman's grandparents

You know, I have no idea what to think of the upcoming SyFy show KRYPTON. Set in the universe set forward by MAN OF STEEL (meaning, unlike SMALLVILLE or SUPERGIRL, this show is directly connected to the DCEU), the show will follow Superman's grandparents (since I imagine Russell Crowe wasn't available to play his parents on some - likely soon-to-be-cancelled - TV show) in what looks...
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Best Art of the Con (Comic Con 2017)

As we wrap up our coverage of Comic Con 2017 (and what coverage it was!), we mustn't forget one of the main reasons folks go to this massive convention to begin with: the art. When you walk the floor at SDCC, you're brought face to face with hundreds of unique pieces of art, some of it exemplary, some of it not so much, but all of it created with love. It's impossible to include everything...
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Apparently the Justice League reshoots have been long and expensive

So there has been a lot of confusion and hearsay about exactly how extensive the reshoots Joss Whedon has done on Zack Snyder 's JUSTICE LEAGUE. Was it just a few weeks (pretty standard reshoot schedule) with some character beats and some punched up dialogue? Or has it been more than that? Well, according to Variety, it's been a lot more than that, and in fact...
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Rumor: Ben Affleck might hang up the bat-cowl after Justice League

So, this is a shocker. It seems that Ben Affleck might not return to the Batman role after JUSTICE LEAGUE, not even Matt Reeves ' upcoming solo BATMAN film. Which is a shame if true, as he was one of the only good parts of BATMAN V SUPERMAN, and seems to be doing more good work in the upcoming JUSTICE LEAGUE. Now, of course, this is all only rumors for now. However, sources...
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WB announces two untitled DCEU films

Besides JUSTICE LEAGUE and AQUAMAN, there doesn't seem to be many official releases for the rest of the DCEU films. Sure many have been announced (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS, BATGIRL, THE FLASH, SHAZAM!, GREEN LANTERNS, SUICIDE SQUAD 2, THE BATMAN, theoretically still CYBORG). However, according to Scott Mendelson of Forbes, it seems Warner Bros. has finally scheduled at least two untitled...
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New international Justice League TV spots show off some new footage

I've been rooting for JUSTICE LEAGUE. I loved MAN OF STEEL, and while I hated BATMAN V SUPERMAN and SUICIDE SQUAD with the burning hate of a thousand suns, WONDER WOMAN was a whiff of fresh air. Not only a great superhero film, but a great film period, that - despite some third act issues - shot up to one of my favorite superhero films of all time, which gives me hope for the...
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Patty Jenkins confirmed for Wonder Woman 2!

It's official, Patty Jenkins will indeed be directing WONDER WOMAN 2! She confirmed it while speaking in a Q&A at a Women in Film screening of WONDER WOMAN. Here's what she had to say: I had an epiphany about Wonder Woman 2...I was like, you don't have to do this. It doesn't have to be a foregone conclusion that you do Wonder Woman 2. But then...
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Matt Reeves talks about his "noir driven, detective" version of Batman

It was sad when the news came that Ben Affleck was stepping down as director of THE BATMAN. On the one hand, it was sad to lose Affleck's directorial voice as he had shown himself to be quite the filmmaker; on the other hand, Matt Reeves is a pretty damn good consolation prize. Hell, his upcoming WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES is supposed to be amazing! Anyway,...
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Phil Lord and Chris Miller met with DC about The Flash. Again.

For such a speedy superhero, THE FLASH's dash to a solo feature has been amazingly slow and arduous. First the film was set up with Seth Grahame-Smith as the director, with Phil Lord and Christopher Miller (CLONE HIGH, former directors of HAN SOLO) writing up a treatment. Then when Graham-Smith left, there was a page one rewrite with DOPE director Rick Famuyiwa at the...
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Junkie XL tweets about being replaced by Danny Elfman in Justice League

So news broke awhile ago that Danny Elfman - former BATMAN composer - will be replacing Junkie XL on JUSTICE LEAGUE (who took full on scoring duties after working with Hans Zimmer on BATMAN V SUPERMAN). Which makes a certain amount of sense, especially since Elfman and Whedon (who is taking over for Snyder on the film after a horrific tragedy) worked together previously on AVENGERS:...
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The Amazons from Wonder Woman might show up again in Justice League!

One of the many highlights of WONDER WOMAN was the prologue in Themyscira, and seeing all the badass Amazon warriors training and kicking ass. This includes Wonder Woman's mother, Queen Hippolyta (played by Connie Nielsen ) and her sister - and the one who actually trains Diana as a warrior - General Antiope (played by Robin Wright ). Anyway, in an interview with LA Times,...
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