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Awfully Good: Deadfall

I'll take any excuse to remind people this movie exists. So FOCUS...con artist movie...blah blah blah... Deadfall (1993) Director: Christopher Coppola Stars: Nicolas Cage, Other Non-Nicolas Cage People A con man accidentally kills his own father during a fake drug sting and in a haze of grief, sets out to fulfill his dadís dying wish of...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Top 10 Craziest Nicolas Cage Moments!

With a long and varied career, Nicolas Cage has given us a number of memorable performances, even taking home an Oscar for one of them. However, what comes to mind most often when referencing Nic Cage is the absolute batshit craziness that can spew from him at the turn of a dime. He can go from zero to nutso in a second and it almost always results in either intentional or...
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Review: Deadfall

PLOT: Brother and sister thieves, on the run after a casino heist went awry, are separated on the snowy border between Michigan and Canada. The brother finds himself pursued by the local authorities, while the sister shacks up with an ex-boxer who is returning home after several years in prison. REVIEW: A snow-covered noir with shades of A SIMPLE PLAN, Stefan Rozowitsky's...
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First trailer for the Eric Bana and Olivia Wilde starrer Deadfall arrives

The first trailer for DEADFALL, a winter-set thriller starring Eric Bana, Olivia Wilde, Charlie Hunnam, Kate Mara, Sissy Spacek, Kris Kristofferson, and Treat Williams has made it's debut.  The film, directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky (THE COUNTERFEITERS), premiered at Tribeca this past spring and is now gearing up for its release in a few months.  The reviews for the pic were "iffy"...
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