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Bruce Willis takes justice to the streets in first Death Wish trailer

The original DEATH WISH with Charles Bronson came out in the 70’s when crime in the big cities was at an all-time high. It’s now 2017, and thinks may not have changed all that much for people in certain cities. Now a new spin on the story of a man ( Bruce Willis ) getting revenge for the death of his wife, and then dishing his vigilante actions on Chicago’s...
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Bruce Willis seeks vengeance in first photos from Eli Roth's Death Wish

I've always been a fan of Charles Bronson , but for whatever reason, I didn't get around to checking out the DEATH WISH franchise until just a few years ago. Before the series quickly turned Bronson's character of Paul Kersey into a one-man army capable of dispatching scores of baddies, the first film presented a mild-mannered character who abhorred violence and hadn't...
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Joe Carnahan still have plans for his abandoned Death Wish script

MGM's remake of Charles Bronson 's DEATH WISH has certainly had its ups and downs over the years; Joe Carnahan (THE GREY) was originally tapped to write and direct the remake, but when the studio began pushing for a more action-oriented story as well as putting Bruce Willis in the lead role, Carnahan walked, but not before sending off a rather harshly worded e-mail to MGM...
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Beau Knapp cast as main villain in Eli Roth's Death Wish remake

So apparently the DEATH WISH remake is still on its way, yet another remake on the remake pile. Like I've said many times before, I got no problem with remakes in general - especially if they can add something or find a new perspective on the material. But this one seems particularly unnecessary, especially with Bruce "When's Lunch" Willis as your star. Though I am a...
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Michael Shannon joins The Current War & Elisabeth Shue has a Death Wish

Here's a little casting round-up to keep your Thursday fresh and lemon-scented. First off, Deadline reports that Michael Shannon will be joining Benedict Cumberbatch in Alfonso Gomez-Rejon 's THE CURRENT WAR as George Westinghouse. The upcoming flick, which stars Cumberbatch as Thomas Edison, takes place in " the late 1880s and revolves around the two titans and...
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Vincent D'Onofrio to join Bruce Willis in Eli Roth's Death Wish remake

I've got an incredible soft spot for Charles Bronson 's DEATH WISH series, none of which could be called "good" movies, although I'm sure an argument could be made for the first installment, but watching Bronson dispatch bad guys in increasingly ridiculous ways throughout the franchise has provided me with much entertainment. A remake of the film, said to skew...
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Eli Roth is the latest to have a Death Wish with Bruce Willis involved

MGM was determined to find someone to direct their new version of DEATH WISH, and, after several directors departed the project over creative differences in what the studio wants, it appears Eli Roth is the filmmaker to finally settle into the spot.  Roth has signed a deal to helm the remake that has been in development for a few years now, ever since Joe Carnahan had a...
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Big Bad Wolves directors walk from the Bruce Willis Death Wish remake

Earlier this year, it was announced that MGM had hired BIG BAD WOLVES directors Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado to helm their DEATH WISH remake starring Bruce Willis . Given that Willis has already signed off on the script, MGM had a projected release date in mind that didn't given the directors much breathing room. As it happened, they decided to leave the project over creative...
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Big Bad Wolves directors set to helm Death Wish with Bruce Willis

Paramount and MGM are finally getting their wish... their DEATH WISH, that is. After being in development for the last few years, the new take on Brian Garfield's vigilante novel that was already adapted for the big screen in the 70s as a Charlies Bronson franchise is going somewhere. BIG BAD WOLVES filmmakers Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado are being lined up to direct the...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Dallas Buyers Club, Escape Plan ...

This week: We live in the age of McConaughey. Also: Vintage Bronson, the spawn of Happy Days, and Arny & Sly together again. ► With DALLAS BUYERS CLUB , Matt McConaughey got the Oscar nomination he should have gotten last year for ‘Magic Mike.’ In this true story, also up for Best Picture, he plays a...
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Joe Carnahan's profanity laced email to MGM President regarding the Death Wish remake is priceless

Oh, Joe Carnahan , what are we going to do with you? The notoriously outspoken filmmaker has long been a fan favorite thanks to his films NARC, THE A-TEAM, SMOKIN' ACES, and THE GREY which all elevate action movies above the rest of the crop. Well, except for THE A-TEAM. But Carnahan's involvement with a gritty potential DAREDEVIL movie and the remake of DEATH WISH had movie fans...
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Gerardo Naranjo will replace Joe Carnahan as director of the Death Wish remake

After losing Joe Carnahan from their remake of DEATH WISH, MGM was on the lookout for a talented filmmaker who could fill his shoes. As rumors swirled that Carnahan was courting Brad Pitt , Will Smith , and Bruce Willis to take over the lead role associated with Charles Bronson , no one expected the name Gerardo Naranjo to be the new choice behind the camera. In fact, many of...
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