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Edward James Olmos will reprise the character of Gaff in Blade Runner 2049

When it comes to BLADE RUNNER 2049, the big question is how exactly Harrison Ford has returned as the supposed replicant, Rick Deckard. We'll have to wait until the film is released before we find out that answer, but in the meantime we do have news about another character that is returning from the original film. In a recent interview with The TREND Talk Show, Edward James Olmos...
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Denis Villeneuve will take some much-deserved time off before tackling Dune

Denis Villeneuve is a busy man. Between INCENDIES, PRISONERS, ENEMY, SICARIO and ARRIVAL he has one of the most impressive résumés of any director working today. Each movie has been as good, if not better, than the last, and with BLADE RUNNER 2049 on the way we have a lot to be excited about. Needless to say the dude has earned a break, and much to the dismay of fans...
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High-concept fantasy series Three Dark Crowns is coming to Fox

We've still got some time until HBO's GAME OF THRONES draws to its inevitably bloody conclusion, but one has to wonder what will then scratch that entertainment itch for fans of swords, sorcery, and high-fantasy action? Well, it could very well be that Shawn Levy , his 21 Laps Entertainment label, and Fox's THREE DARK CROWNS will answer the call. Hot off of acquiring...
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Oscar 2017 Best Picture Trailer Compilation (video)

Unless you took an interest in the real-estate market for rocks, and have since moved-in under a boulder of your liking, you’d know the Oscars are this Sunday , and the star-studded ceremony could see well-earned trophies be given to movies like LA LA LAND, ZOOTOPIA, LA LA LAND, MANCHESTER BY THE SEA, MOONLIGHT, and LA LA LAND.  Most of the nominated films for best picture...
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Blade Runner 2049 will embrace practical effects over CG as much as possible

A sequel to Ridley Scott 's BLADE RUNNER, especially one coming in over thirty years after the original, would normally be enough to make one roll their eyes, but damn if I don't have the utmost faith in Denis Villeneuve 's ability to pull this off. At the very least, we know that BLADE RUNNER 2049 will look absolutely exceptional as cinematographer Roger Deakins rarely...
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Cool Videos: Blade Runner-style fan film uses old school techniques & no CGI

For those of you appreciate the visual aesthetics of BLADE RUNNER, as well as fan films, I think you'll enjoy the following. This trailer is for a film called SLICE OF LIFE, and is said to be a love letter to the Science Fiction genre of the '80s. The production has been going on for the last three years using miniatures, matte paintings, rear projections, and NO CGI! You can...
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Brian Herbert says it's official - Denis Villeneuve will direct Dune

A little over a month ago, Denis Villeneuve 's name came up in regards to a DUNE remake. The classic hero's tale, involving a desert planet and some giant worms, has had its fair share of attached directors over the years. If the following is to be believed, Legendary Pictures has finally found their man. Brian Herbert, author and son of Dune scribe Frank Herbert, Tweeted out the...
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Taylor Sheridan shares more story details for Sicario sequel, Soldado

You wouldn’t deserve a smack on the face for saying Taylor Sheridan is probably one of the best up-and-coming writing talents working today. SICARIO and HELL OR HIGH WATER are two of the stand-out movies of the decade, and he’s currently winning praise for his first directorial effort, WIND RIVER. Now he has another movie in the works, SOLDADO, which will act as a sequel...
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Arrival is returning to theaters with bonus footage and commentary

Yesterday the Oscar nominations were announced, and though LA LA LAND continued to dominate with a record-tying 14 nominations, two movies came in second with an exceptional eight noms: MOONLIGHT and ARRIVAL. The latter has been lauded by critics and fans and stands as one of the few sci-fi films to break into the major awards. If you haven’t seen it you should count your lucky...
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La La Land, Arrival lead BAFTA nominations

The Golden Globes were this past weekend where LA LA LAND broke the record for most wins by a movie ever, but the show ain’t over yet. We still have all the guilds to be announced ( Writers have been announced , while Producers and Directors are still on the way), the SAG awards are coming close, and of course we still have the Oscar nominations coming January 24 . One more...
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Cool Videos: Check out the unnoticeable special effects from Arrival

Bad visual effects stick out like a sore thumb, and while it's easy to blame effects for giving movies a fake or phoney feel, odds are we don't notice most the effects that go into a film. That's what makes Making Of reels, like the following, so special. When it comes to Denis Villeneuve 's ARRIVAL, we all remember the giant ships (or shells) and the aliens who...
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Cool Videos: Blade Runner Fan Re-Creates Deckard's Apartment in VR

Ridley Scott ’s 1984 science fiction action noir, BLADE RUNNER, is without a doubt one of the most influential films of the genre. For years, fans have cosplayed Harrison Ford ’s Rick Deckard, built the 2019 Los Angeles cityscape out of legos, and written countless fan-fictions about the gritty underbelly of Philip K. Dick’s strange, neo-techo world. All that being...
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