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Awfully Good: Dolly Dearest + Dracula vs. Frankenstein (Video)

Before there was ANNABELLE, there was...Chucky. Then some other killer doll movies. But after that there was totally... Dolly Dearest (1991) Director: Maria Lease Stars: Denise Crosby, Rip Torn, Sam Bottoms A family moves to Mexico to open a toy factory next to a recently unearthed satanic tomb. WHAT COULD GO WRONG? DOLLY DEAREST was...
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Juan Carlos Fresnadillo to direct a new take on Pet Sematary

PET SEMATARY, already an iconic horror film, has suffered through a mediocre sequel and development hell on a potential reboot. Alexandre Aja was once linked to the film, but now a new director has been attached to the new take on the Stephen King novel. Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, best known for helming 28 WEEKS LATER, is now taking the reins on the film. The original 1989 version...
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