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Cool Videos: Batman & The Joker remake Heat

With all the oxygen of the day being sucked up by SUICIDE SQUAD talk and not much else going on, I thought I'd throw you a DC Cinematic bone of sorts to help you make it to the other side. Granted, this has nothing to do with what Warner Bros. is kicking around at the moment, but it does go a little old-school with one of their films from 20 years ago - Michael Mann 's...
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Michael Mann to launch his own line of novels including a prequel to Heat

There's no question that Michael Mann 's films are studied extensively beforehand. The quality of the end result is up for debate, but Mann has a knack for detail. It looks like that scrutiny is going to pay off as the Mann is starting his own line of books, aptly called: Michael Mann Books. The idea is to put together a group of writers and develop a series of novels...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Michael Mann

Last week , we took a look at the career of internationally acclaimed action icon Chow Yun-Fat . While Chow's known mostly for his work with John Woo , he'd no doubt be right at home in a movie directed by this week's subject... Michael Mann Michael Mann is without a doubt one of my favourite living directors. He's certainly one of the great visual...
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Val Kilmer shares his ideas for Heat 2 and Top Gun 2

Do you remember when Val Kilmer was awesome? You know, back when he was Iceman and Madmartigan? Back before he became a VOD joke of himself, Val Kilmer was as cool as anyone in Hollywod. Now, he is reduced to movies that are Redbox exclusives. But, with rumors circulating about a sequel to TOP GUN, Kilmer is once again voicing his take on the potential sequels to his prior...
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The UnPopular Opinion: Heat

Michael Mann is probably the only director who has a catalogue of films that I love across the board. While they each of course have their own issues and certain elements which don’t quite work as well in execution as Mann surely meant them to, I nonetheless hold his catalogue as a whole in a much higher regard than I do almost any other director working today. I used my very...
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