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Bad Boys TV spin-off in the works starring Gabrielle Union

While we sit back and observe the endless back and forth of whether BAD BOYS 3 will ever happen, it seems that another BAD BOYS project is in the works, one that would feature the return of Special Agent Sydney "Syd" Burnett, played by Gabrielle Union in BAD BOYS II. Per Deadline , a BAD BOYS TV spin-off is in the works which will be centered around Gabrielle Union...
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Bad Boys 3 scores a fresh title and later release date

You'd have thought Sony Pictures might have saved the title BAD BOYS FOR LIFE for the fourth flick in the BAD BOYS series, because how could they not? What a perfect opportunity that would have been for some spot-on titling. But it appears the studio is putting all their eggs in the basket of the third BAD BOYS movie which has now taken on the aforementioned name in what I'd...
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Will Smith says he and Martin Lawrence are definitely making Bad Boys 3

Last summer, Sony set release dates for BAD BOYS 3 and 4, however it hasn't been clear how Will Smith will be involved with the sequels. Previously there had been talk of Smith possibly only serving as a producer on the next installment, but it certainly sounds like he will be back as Detective Mike Lowrey, based on the recent comments he made during an appearance on BBC...
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Awfully Good: Bad Boys II

If I wanted to feature an actual "bad" Michael Bay movie in anticipation of PAIN AND GAIN, I suppose I could've done PEARL HARBOR. But I never want to watch PEARL HARBOR again. I do want to watch BAD BOYS II everyday of my life. Bad Boys II (2003) Director: Michael Bay Stars: Will Smith , Martin Lawrence , Gabrielle Union Will Smith...
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