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Top 10 Threequels of All Time

Third films in franchises rarely get any credit because sequels unfortunately don't always live up to their predecessors. Often the third movie gets a bad rap because what the filmmakers tried to do with the second film could not be replicated in the third. But, in rare occassions, the third film can be better than the movies that came before it. Here is our ranking of the best threequels of...
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Cool Videos: Fun mega movie mix featuring 52 different films

A good movie mix video can be hard to pull off, but this one created by Alecc is pretty impressive. Clips from 52 different movies (including a few upcoming films) were used to create the video, and it also features the song "Invaders Must Die" by The Prodigy. It's no easy task to edit this many clips together, but I think Alecc did a great job with this video....
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UPDATED with winners! Contest: Give us your funniest Die Hard title and win a Die Hard Blu-Ray boxed set!

WINNERS ANNOUNCED: First of all, thanks to everyone who participated in this last-minute contest! We honestly didn't expect this many entries, which is why it took longer to come up with a winner. In fact, since there were sooo many good options, we've decided to give out 3 sets and those winners are LEADHAND82 with "The harder they fall, the harder they die" , EDROXXX325 with "I...
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Review: Die Hard With A Vengeance (1995)

NOTE: With A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD opening on Thursday, we thought this would be a great time to revisit the older films from the franchise, so expect a review/day until my review of the latest one is posted on Friday. PLOT : Detective John McClane returns to work after a suspension when a mad bomber requests the officer to play a game of Simon Says. He soon finds that he must team...
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C'mon Hollywood: Save John McTiernan!

Let me say, first and foremost, that I am by no means a legal expert. You wouldn’t go to an auto mechanic to fix your garage door, nor should you come to a movie geek for legal advice. Good? All right. Now, most of us are aware of the huge impact that director John McTiernan has had on film. Some may try to downplay it, but the fact remains that he’s directed two of the...
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