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The Bible mini-series is being re-edited as a Christ-centric theatrical film called Son of God

Talk about milking it for every last drop. Mark Burnett and Roma Downey, who produced THE BIBLE for History Channel, are producing a film about Jesus Christ titled SON OF GOD which will be distributed by 20th Century Fox. The kicker? The film is essentially going to be a re-edit of the Jesus scenes from THE BIBLE along with deleted footage that didn't make it into the 20 hour...
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JK Rowling may revisit the Harry Potter universe in "director's cut" novels or spin-offs

JK Rowling has stated many times that she is done writing Harry Potter novels. With her new novel, THE CASUAL VACANCY, hitting stores today, the question becomes whether or not Rowling has the skills to write a novel for adults. If early reviews are any indication, she may not have to revisit the world of Hogwarts. But, Rowling restated her intentions about returning to her magical...
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Could The Dark Knight Rises be the first film from Christopher Nolan to receive a Director's Cut on DVD and Blu-Ray?

SPOILERS if you somehow haven't yet seen THE DARK KNIGHT RISES. If you haven't, go out and rectify that right now - this article will still be here when you return. Christopher Nolan is known for, amongst many things, not including staples such as deleted scenes or Director's Cuts in the DVD/Blu-Ray releases of his films. But if a certain new rumor is to be believed, Nolan's...
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