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Awfully Good: The Core

Think I, FRANKENSTEIN looks bad? There's no way it'll top Aaron Eckhart's worst movie... The Core (2003) Director: Jon Amiel Stars: Aaron Eckhart, Hillary Swank, Stanley Tucci When the Earth's core stops spinning and threatens the future of humankind, a group of "terranauts" travel to the center of the planet so they can jump start it with...
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Review: Pawn Shop Chronicles

PLOT : PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES features three different stories involving revenge, kidnapping, meth labs and murder. Each revolves around an object bought and sold at a local pawn shop. With a trio of racists, an Elvis impersonator and a man searching for his missing wife, there is a ton of un-PC fun to be had. REVIEW : White trash aficionados have something to celebrate this week! In...
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Crazy first trailer for Pawn Shop Chronicles starring Paul Walker, Norman Reedus, Thomas Jane and more!

Looks like you can get your regular violent redneck action comedy fix next month as Wayne Kramer 's PAWN SHOP CHRONICLES is set to debut, bringing all the crazy antics you'd expect. With a terrific line up of stars, including Paul Walker , Norman Reedus , Vincent D'Onofrio, Lukas Haas , Thomas Jane , Elijah Wood , Matt Dillon , DJ Qualls , Chi McBride , Rachelle...
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Crazy trailer for Small Apartments, starring Matt Lucas, Juno Temple, Rebel Wilson, and yes, Dolph Lundgren

Yet another weird and crazy trailer has surfaced, following on the heels of the recent WRONG and THE MIND OF CHARLES SWAN III.  Matt Lucas (BRIDESMAIDS) stars in SMALL APARTMENTS as a man who inadvertently kills his landlord, setting off a chain of events that may well lead to his salvation.  The film has an ecclectic mix of co-stars, including Billy Crystal , James Marsden...
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