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Michael Moore in TrumpLand filmed in secret and given last-minute release

Whoa, so Michael Moore has apparently just made an entire film in secret . Now he's scrambling to finish the editing and mixing to premiere it  tonight at the New York IFC Center, and reportedly has just hired a publicist  today  to book press screenings this weekend in venues around Los Angeles and New York. I mean, I've done some...
4 days ago
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Review: Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four

PLOT: A warts-and-all look back at the production and fallout of Roger Corman 's THE FANTASTIC FOUR, a cheaply-made superhero film that has still never been officially released thanks to corporate giant Marvel. REVIEW: Any fanboy worth his salt knows the story, at least partially, of the 1994 FANTASTIC FOUR movie that was never released. Made on a shoestring budget by shlock king...
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Rats rule the streets in new clip from Morgan Spurlock's Rats

Travel to New York City, and you’ll be amazed as you wander down the streets, taking in all the astounding architecture, bustling crowds, delicious-smelling food and HOLY SHIT IT’S A F@CKING RAT! IT HAS FRIENDS! KILL IT WITH FIRE! Ah, the Big Apple. Kidding aside, it’s no secret the bustling metropolis has a huge rat problem. A large amount of people living there...
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Review: Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience

PLOT : Terrence Malick presents a stylized documentary about the origins of the universe and the beginnings of life on earth. REVIEW : A Terrence Malick film oftentimes can give viewers the sensation of watching an exquisitely crafted documentary. Perhaps that is why VOYAGE OF TIME: THE IMAX EXPERIENCE perfectly captures his stylistic approach to cinema. The film, a...
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Leonardo DiCaprio & his beard return in Before the Flood trailer

Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have completed everything an actor sets out to do in their career. He was a teen heartthrob, starred in what is now the second biggest movie of all time (globally), and finally won an Oscar earlier this year for THE REVENANT. Now all he has to do is lounge around his mansion and hang out with models. But that’s what most people would do. But, as we all...
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Ava DuVernay tackles an unjust prison system in new 13th trailer

The key to a good documentary is simple: take something people don’t know much about and shed light on it. The new documentary, 13TH, by Ava DuVernay does just that by focusing on the incarceration system, and how many young African American men are unjustly put behind bars, often for years at a time. As well we will get to hear about how the private sector of the prison system...
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Brad Pitt narrates first trailer for Terrence Malick's Voyage of Time

Earlier this week we brought you a poster for Terrence Malick 's VOYAGE OF TIME, and now the first trailer has been released for the documentary. The film, which Malick has been working on for almost four decades, will chronicle “the whole of time, from the birth of the universe to its final collapse." Brad Pitt narrates the 40-minute IMAX version of the...
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Review: Tickled

PLOT:  A New Zealand journalist uncovers a strange series of videos involving young men tickling each other. When he decides to cover it as a story, he learns that there is something nefarious, and those behind it will do everything in their power to stop him from finding the truth behind TICKLED. REVIEW : Nowadays, you can find every single type of fetish online....
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Review: Raiders! The Story of the Greatest Fan Film Ever Made

PLOT: The true story of childhood friends Chris Strompolos, Eric Zala and Jayson Lamb, the trio behind the now famous shot-for-shot RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK remake they made as teens growing up in the eighties. Twenty-five years after their last shoot, the now-grown men reunite to shoot one last, ambitious scene to finally complete their film. REVIEW: I first heard about the...
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Tickled trailer carries with it a very Catfish vibe

Some of the more fascinating docs we've seen in the last few years were projects that started off as something else and veered into unexpected and mysterious territory that then compelled us as viewers to watch. CATFISH is the biggest one that comes to mind, as it was marketed in such a way to keep the experience of having it unfold intact for when you finally bought your...
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Review: Elstree 1976

PLOT: The making of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE is told from the perspective of bit players and extras from the film, who, while not major characters, have still managed to gain some notoriety in the years since. REVIEW: What do you get the STAR WARS fan who knows everything there is to know about the films? ELSTREE 1976. Fans of STAR WARS will get an interesting peek behind the...
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Clip from Spike Lee's new Michael Jackson doc gets Off The Wall

Enter into a conversation about the life and career of the late Michael Jackson , and you'll find that there is one period of both that is often left out or overlooked in your chat. People will bring up the Thriller or Bad albums... or they'll discuss the Jackson 5... or maybe they'll get into the molestation allegations or the substance issues later in his life... But...
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