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Exclusive: Go behind the scenes with Garona in this Warcraft Blu-ray feature

For our Blu-ray collectors out there, the latest video game-turned-movie hits Blu-ray/DVD tomorrow in a spiffy, feature-filled set. I'm of course referring to Duncan Jones ' latest opus, WARCRAFT. This fantasy epic follows an Orc horde as they invade the planet Azeroth, starting a war with the resident humans and some dissenting Orcs who truly know what's at stake. If...
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Duncan Jones speaks candidly about Warcraft's failure and a sequel

WARCRAFT didn't exactly break the mold of video games-turned-films, but it does have its audience (mostly in China). Still, the film hardly churned out the profits studios were hoping for, and director Duncan Jones acknowledges as much in a recent interview with Thrillist . It's a good read, for those interested, and while he doesn't come out and bash WARCRAFT or anything...
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TV Review: Preacher, Season 1 finale, "Call and Response"

SYNOPSIS: It is the day the entire town has been waiting for, as Jesse tries to follow through on his promise to get answers from Heaven. REVIEW: Well the finale to the first season of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's seminal work, Preacher, has come to a head after a promising start that ebbed and flowed for the past nine episodes in a slow burn of odd choices in character...
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TV Review: Preacher, Season 1, Episode 9 "Finish The Song"

SYNOPSIS: Jesse is on the run while those around him face life-altering decisions. The Cowboy returns to Ratwater to exact his revenge. REVIEW: The penultimate episode of Preacher featured the return of The Saint of Killers, as played by Graham McTavish, who has become the most intriguing enigma on the show, even overshadowing the titular character of Jesse Custer. You can take...
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TV Review: Preacher, Season 1, Episode 8 "El Valero"

SYNOPSIS: In a fierce gun battle Jesse faces off against Quincannon and the Meat Men to protect his church, while Tulip tries to save a friend. REVIEW: It was another strange episode for Preacher as we approach the season finale and while that's not uncommon for the subject material, the story is definitely headed into uncharted waters. In fact, this is the first episode...
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TV Review: Preacher, Season 1, Episode 7 "He Gone"

SYNOPSIS: Jesse's actions alienate and endanger those closest to him as we glimpse into his past and finally learn the root of all of his guilt. REVIEW: "He Gone" picks up right where we left off with the previous episode of Preacher, as Jesse Custer surveys the scene in the church where Jesse has, presumably, just sent Eugene to Hell by using the word. Only now...
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TV Review: Preacher, Season 1, Episode 6 "Sundowner"

SYNOPSIS: Jesse finally comes face to face with Deblanc and Fiore, and learns about the mysterious entity that has taken over his body. REVIEW: "Sundowner" picks up right where the last episode left off with Jesse talking to the Adephi Angels, Fiore and DeBlanc at the diner as they reveal to him that they need what's inside of him. Jesse still thinks that he has...
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Awesome Art We've Found Around The Net: Darkman, Exorcist, Wolverine, Yoda

Some cliche somewhere said that 'a picture is worth a thousand words.' This has proven to be the case for me and especially when it comes to fan art. I have always sought out great fan art and have wanted to share it with as many people as possible. "Awesome Artwork We've Found Around The Net" is the outlet for that passion. In this column I will showcase the kick-ass...
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TV Review: Preacher, Season 1, Episode 5 "South Will Rise Again"

SYNOPSIS: After his stunt with Quincannon, Jesse is Annville's newest rock star. Tulip and Cassidy connect, and The Cowboy makes a tragic decision. REVIEW: Last week saw a particularly slower burn of an episode than the already established slow burn of the show and "South Will Rise Again" kicks it up a tad, raising the stakes in terms of how Jesse Custer's...
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TV Review: Preacher, Season 1, Episode 4 "Monster Swamp"

SYNOPSIS: Jesse makes Quincannon a bet he can't refuse, Cassidy works to fend off the angels, and Tulip tries to bring justice to Annville. REVIEW: We hit the ground running with the fourth episode of Preacher, which has girls in underwear being chased in the dark by Odin Quincannon goons, in what turns out to be a game of kinky paintball. However, the game gets all too...
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Review: Warcraft

PLOT: Worlds collide when an army of orcs flee their dying land and encroach on a civilization of humans. REVIEW: For a movie about mystical realms, fantastical creatures and great battles between man and monster, WARCRAFT is disappointingly short on imagination and enjoyment. It's a movie only a console could love: Practically every frame is filled to the brim with CG...
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JoBlo Movie Trivia Quiz: Films based on Video Games

Welcome to's Stunning Movie Trivia Quizzes! While there are plenty of incredibly successful video games in the world, the films based upon those video games rarely seem to work out. With the mixed reception that Duncan Jones ' WARCRAFT has received, it would seem that the video game movie curse is still in effect. As we continue waiting for the first great video...
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