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Alicia Vikander looks amazing in the first Tomb Raider set pics

Lara Croft sets out on her first expedition to finish her father's archaeological research and uncover ancient secrets in order to clear his disgraced name. As you can imagine, any and everything will go wrong and Lara will be up to her beautiful neck in danger. Production has already started on director Roar Uthaug 's adaptation of the popular video game, and we now have the...
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Dominic West to play Lara Croft's father in Tomb Raider

Production on Roar Uthaug 's (THE WAVE) TOMB RAIDER began earlier this week, and in turn, we have another cast announcement. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dominic West has joined the cast as Lara Croft's ( Alicia Vikander ) father. His role, however small or large, should have some major repercussions in the story, as the film is said to follow Lara Croft as she sets out on...
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What's new on Blu-ray and DVD this month? (November 2016)

A new month brings a wealth of new Blu-ray and DVD releases, so now's a great time to play catch-up and see what we have ahead of us in the month of November! You can always head to our BLU-RAY AND DVD RELEASE DATES section for a more complete list, but in this column we'll go over some of the more popular titles hitting shelves over the next 5 weeks! November 1...
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Finding Dory will swim home on Blu-ray this November

Simply put, the Blu-ray release for what is now that biggest animated movie at the domestic box office, FINDING DORY, is somewhat anticipated. I don't know, something about animated fish gets people pumped. An announcement has put the release date for the Blu-ray at November 15 with a digital release October 25 . The option for Blu-ray buyers will include either a 3D...
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The UnPopular Opinion: Punisher: War Zone

THE UNPOPULAR OPINION is an ongoing column featuring different takes on films that either the writer HATED, but that the majority of film fans LOVED, or that the writer LOVED, but that most others LOATHED. We're hoping this column will promote constructive and geek fueled discussion. Enjoy! ****SOME SPOILERS ENSUE**** The Punisher is a very difficult character to...
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Weekend Box Office Report: July 1-3, 2016

Finding Dory just keeps swimming at #1! For a third weekend in a row, Pixar's FINDING DORY overcame all challengers and floated to the top of the box office on this holiday weekend with an estimated $41.9 million ! With a current $372.2 million domestic total, the return of Ellen DeGeneres ' forgetful fish has surpassed the $339.7 million finish...
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Weekend Box Office Report: June 24-26, 2016

Another huge weekend for Finding Dory! Pixar's friendly little blue fish was able to tread water at #1 for a second weekend as FINDING DORY prevailed at the box office with an estimated $73.2 million ! The sequel to FINDING NEMO dropped only 46% from its opening last week and has reached a 10-day domestic of $286.5 million, which puts it on track to...
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Andrew Stanton on the possibilities of a third Finding Nemo film

Pixar has, for the most part, been able to keep the quality of their sequels up to a very high standard. FINDING DORY, the recently released sequel to FINDING NEMO, has become yet another winner for the animation studio which would typically have people immediately thinking about a sequel, but not Pixar. Even when FINDING NEMO proved to be an enourmous success, director Andrew Stanton...
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Weekend Box Office Report: June 17-19, 2016

Finding Dory swims to #1! Pixar's famous forgetful fish returned to theaters this weekend and put FINDING DORY on top at the box office with an estimated $136.1 million ! The FINDING NEMO sequel didn't just have the biggest opening for a Pixar movie (passing TOY STORY 3's $110.3 million start), it  also had the biggest opening for any...
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JoBlo Movie Trivia Quiz: The Films of Pixar

Welcome to JoBlo's Ravishing Movie Trivia Quizzes! With one or two exceptions, the films which Pixar has produced over the past twenty years have been absolutely remarkable. There can't be too many studios which can boast that kind of track record. Pixar's latest is looking to be another winner as FINDING DORY has been gathering up a number of positive reviews, including one...
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Review: Genius

PLOT: The story of famed literary editor Maxwell Perkins ( Colin Firth ) and his relationship with the brilliant, tortured Thomas Wolfe ( Jude Law ). REVIEW: For those not in the know, Maxwell Perkins was arguably the most important literary editor of the twentieth century, having discovered Ernest Hemingway and F. Scott Fitzgerald among others. Famous for his tact in helping...
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Review: Finding Dory

PLOT: After spending most of her life struggling with her memory, kindhearted fish Dory begins to remember snippets from her past, specifically the time she spent with her parents. With her friends Marlin and Nemo assisting, Dory ventures off into the vast ocean in search of her family. REVIEW: FINDING DORY is far from Pixar's best work and it still manages to be a...
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