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The Rock's Fast & Furious role was originally meant for Tommy Lee Jones

The FAST & FURIOUS Universe would have been a lot different had The Rock never walked through its doors. And, heading into FAST FIVE, he wasn't supposed to.  The character of Hobbs was originally drawn up for someone else, as revealed by Vin Diesel during one of his recent Facebook videos. It was meant for Tommy Lee Jones . "Back in the fifth film, I...
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Soundtracks, Soundtracks, Soundtracks: Fast & Furious Tracks

There are many things that make a movie what it is. It all starts with a story (according to what every How-To book on screenwriting tells us), there is the director and his crew, there are the actors, who bust their asses to bring a vision to life. Then comes the wonderful world of post-production. What is one result of that? The music. Soundtracks enhance the movie going experience....
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Bye Justin Lin! Hello three potential directors for Fast & Furious 7!

For those who haven't heard, Justin Lin is officially off FAST & FURIOUS 7. On Wednesday evening, the director let the studio know that he was not going to be able to helm the seventh installment of the series. The reason? Universal is in a hurry to get on the next edition to the franchise, so much so that it would cut into Lin's post-production work on FAST SIX. The director does...
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