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New clip & promo for Crackle's SuperMansion series starring Bryan Cranston

Crackle has released a new SuperMansion clip, as well as a promo for the upcoming sixth episode. The stop-motion animated superhero series comes from Robot Chicken's Matthew Senreich and Zeb Wells , and features the voice talents of Bryan Cranston as Titanium Rex, with additional cast members that include Seth Green , Keegan-Michael Key , Jillian Bell, Chris Pine , Ron...
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Bryan Cranston battles crime and erectile dysfunction in SuperMansion teaser

What does erectile dysfunction, superhuman abilities, and urinary retention all have in common? If you guessed Bryan Cranston 's character of Titanium Rex in Crackle's upcoming stop-motion animated series SuperMansion, why then you'd be correct! Your cookie is in the mail. Coming from Stoopid Buddy Stoodios, the creators of Robot Chicken, SuperMansion stars Bryan Cranston...
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Chloe Grace Moretz feels she's done playing Hit-Girl

Earlier this month, Kick-Ass creators Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. were frank about the money KICK-ASS 2 did (or rather didn't) make, but the idea of a KICK-ASS 3 wasn't completely out of the question for them. While KICK-ASS 2 barely made it's budget back domestically, it's Blu-ray/DVD sales were stronger, bringing in about $100 million (with TV). Hit-Girl herself, Chloe Moretz...
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Comic creators speak up about Kick-Ass 3 and against Jim Carrey

There's a thin line between dark humor and poor taste when it comes to the KICK-ASS films, and I think the direction of Matthew Vaughn allowed the first to fall into one category and the lack thereof left the sequel far into the second. KICK-ASS 2 didn't garner the ratings or money of the first but it was still somewhat profitable. The creators of the comic, Mark Millar and John...
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Cool Videos: Kick-Ass 2 movie review song!

Fortress of Attitude is back with another review song, bringing their usual dose of comedy and harmony to fill you in on what they thought of the latest superhero flick, KICK-ASS 2. While not as glowing as Bumbray's review, it's not exactly damning either. However, it's chock full of some really good points and even a movie recommendation at the end. I think most folks in...
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Top 10 Best Profanity Filled Movies (NSFW Video Edition!)

The first KICK ASS made waves for loads of violence and a potty mouth from the pint-sized Hit Girl. The aequel opening today is sure to be chock full of the same creetive swearing from the bevvy of real-life superheroes. In honor of this foul language flick, here are the ten best movies that are full of profanity. Remember, these videos are NSFW, so proceed with caution. If your favorite...
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Review: Kick-Ass 2

PLOT: After inspiring a wave of new people to don costumes and fight crime, David Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) comes out of retirement, and once again becomes Kick-Ass. With Hit-Girl (Chloe Grace Moretz) sidelined by a need to be a “normal teenager”, Kick-Ass joins Justice Forever, a superhero club run by a former Mafia thug, turned born-again superhero calling himself...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interviews with Kick-Ass 2 stars Chloe Moretz and Aaron Taylor-Johnson

In KICK-ASS 2, we see the return of everybody’s favorite do-it-yourself superhero, Dave Lizewski - aka Kick-Ass. We last left him having saved the city (and his own ass) from vicious mob boss Frank D’Amico, but that doesn’t mean his days donning the green-and-yellow are over. In fact, when we meet him in KICK-ASS 2, the character is desperate to team-up with some other...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview with Kick-Ass 2 star Christopher Mintz-Plasse

Warning: the word “motherf*cker” is uttered about three times during this interview. And actually, that isn’t too bad, considering we’re talking about the name of Christopher Mintz-Plasse ’s super villain in KICK-ASS 2. You’ve never really seen a bad guy like The Motherf*cker before; half-crazed maniac, half-immature, snotty teenager, he’s intent on ridding the world of Kick-Ass (Aaron...
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Christopher Mintz-Plasse on which scenes from the comic will not be in Kick-Ass 2

KICK-ASS 2 should be a bloody, fun ride but if you've read the comics you know things get pretty dark for Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl, and a lot of fans have been wondering how much from the comics might be cut for the film sequel. Christopher Mintz-Plasse was recently interviewed by Digital Spy and he revealed that two noteworthy scenes from the comics will not appear in KICK-ASS 2....
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Kick-Ass 2 cast and crew comment on Jim Carrey's anti-violence stance on the film

Much has been said about Jim Carrey 's sudden "change fo heart" in regards to his role in the upcoming sequel, KICK-ASS 2. The actor has taken to public forums like Twitter and voiced his opinion about the matter, stating that "I did Kickass a month b4 Sandy Hook and now in all good conscience I cannot support that level of violence," but following up with...
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Director Jeff Wadlow talks more about his "edgier" take on X-Force

Bleeding Cool caught up with director Jeff Wadlow , doing press for KICK-ASS 2, and gleaned some info regarding his next film, which is an adaptation of X-FORCE, one of the many spinoff comic books of X-MEN. Featuring a rotating roster of characters who have included Cable, Domino, Deadpool, Wolverine, Archangel, Warpath, and others, the adaptation will serve as the first...
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