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The JoBlo Movie Show Podcast: Deadpool, The Shelter, Top 5's of 2016 & more!

Select your listening preference below: *The following podcast is Rated F for Foul Language* Welcome to The JoBlo Movie Show Podcast ! Join hosts Paul Shirey (Editor-in-Chief,, Chris Bumbray ( film critic), and Sean Wist ( news/video editor) as they discuss all the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) things about film and...
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JimmyO's Best Movies of 2016

JimmyO's Best Movies of 2016 The end of 2016 is upon us, and that means movie fans will be reading a myriad of top 10 lists. And while many claimed that it was a terrible year in movies, I feel quite the opposite. In fact, it was one of the most difficult years I’ve had collecting my favorite films to a list of ten. This is not because there weren’t...
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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Don't Breathe, Pete's Dragon, The BFG

This Week: One of the year's great thrillers in Don't Breathe, Spielberg misses big with The BFG, and the Fab 2 return in Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie ► It’s not often one of the year’s best horror movies is also one of the most successful, but DON’T BREATHE nicely bucked...
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Fede Alvarez & Sam Raimi have "the greatest idea" for a Don't Breathe sequel

DON’T BREATHE is one of those movies that when I tell people how terrific it is they go, “Really, that movie about the blind guy chasing people around the house?” And then I say yes, but they cry bullshit, so I throw a drink in their face and storm out to de-friend them on Facebook, which starts a bitter 10-year feud that’s resolved only when one of our friends...
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Exclusive: Check out a behind-the-scenes featurette for Don't Breathe

DON'T BREATHE remains one of 2016’s surprise hits, and rightfully so. Director Fede Alvarez has such a knack for atmospheric tension, infusing so much dread into such a small location, with performers Stephen Lang and Jane Levy knocking it out of the park. The cinematography and feel of the house was key to the movie's success, using the homestead as a being all...
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Don't Breathe director Fede Alvarez tapped to direct Incognito adaptation

When Fede Alvarez 's latest feature, DON'T BREATHE, hit theaters, the news that he passed up on a Marvel venture started making the rounds . While it would have been cool to see Alvarez helm a comic book film of that size, it looks like we may not have to wait long for a different comic book adaptation. The Hollywood Reporter is starting that Alvarez is already attached to...
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Weekend Box Office Report: September 2-4, 2016

Don't Breathe holds on to first! The turmoil of a home invasion gone wrong was again the top draw for audiences this Labor Day wekeend, keeping DON'T BREATHE in the number one spot at the box office with an estimated $15.7 million ! The low-budget effort from EVIL DEAD remake director Fede Alvarez and producer Sam Raimi seems to have positive...
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20 Things we loved (so far) in film and TV for 2016

Well, it's been an interesting year for both film and TV so far. The box office has been rather abysmal, while TV continues its stranglehold on unique content. However, that's not to say 2016 hasn't offered up some unique or even outstanding offerings in the film department; it just hasn't been as consistent and the numbers reflect that. But, regardless of dollars and cents, we found at least...
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The Good, The Bad & The Badass: Stephen Lang

Last week , we took a look at the career of character actor John Leguizamo . This week, we examine another well-known character actor, who, as he approached middle-age, found himself more in-demand than ever... Stephen Lang Stephen Lang ís one of those guys who kicked-around for decades, always delivering whatever the role - but never really had a star moment....
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Weekend Box Office Report: August 26-28, 2016

Don't Breathe has a grip on first place! Low-budget horror invaded theaters this weekend and put DON'T BREATHE on top of the box office with an estimated opening of $26.1 million ! The R-rated thriller, with a blind Stephen Lang turning the tables on trespassers, only cost a reported $10 million and scored the second-biggest debut of the year for...
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Review: Don't Breathe

This review originally ran as part of our Comic-Con 2016 coverage PLOT : Three friends break into the home of a wealthy blind man with plans for an easy payday. They soon discover that the mysterious man is far more capable - and deadly - than they had anticipated. REVIEW : When it comes to 2016 blockbusters, it’s safe to say that we’ve had an...
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We interview Fede Alvarez, Stephen Lang and the cast of Don't Breathe!

I am a huge fan of Fede Alvarez and his take on EVIL DEAD. It was bloody, suspensful and pretty damn inventive. It also happened to be one of my favorite horror films the year it came out. In his latest, he may not be going for the gore, but it doesn't need any of that to be one of the scariest films of the year. DON'T BREATHE is a terrifying tale of three young people who decide to...
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