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Top 10 TV Series That Need a Movie

HBO series Entourage has always been the bro equivalent of SEX AND THE CITY. With the first big screen outing for Vinnie Chase and the boys hitting screens today, we have compiled a list of the ten best television series that deserve the big screen treatment. See if your favorite made the cut and, if not, feel free to let us know in the talk backs below.
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Interviews: Entourage's Doug Ellin, Ronda Rousey & Haley Joel Osment!

In the big screen installment of ENTOURAGE, we are reintroduced to some old friends. And if you are a fan of the show, it’s a fun ride. While all the familiar faces are back, it is not surprising that Vince and the gang have a whole slew of guests joining in on the fun. Aside from the many cameos, the addition of both Ronda Rousey and Haley Joel Osment gives a little fresh blood...
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Exclusive 1:1 Interview: Jeremy Piven talks Entourage!

No one hurls an insult or flips his shit more convincingly than Jeremy Piven . That is, Jeremy Piven when he's playing super-agent Ari Gold; in real life, Piven is as polite and likable as could be hoped for. But when he's in the Ari zone, as he of course is in the new ENTOURAGE movie, he's simultaneously hilarious and terrifying. And though it has been almost four years since the...
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Review: Entourage

  PLOT: When Ari Gold ( Jeremy Piven ) is given a major studio to run, his first act of business is to bankroll Vincent Chase's ( Adrian Grenier ) directorial debut, a $100 million plus extravaganza. When it runs over budget, Vince, Eric ( Kevin Connolly ), Turtle ( Jerry Ferrara ) and Johnny Drama ( Kevin Dillon ) have to battle the studio for control over the film, which threatens...
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Exclusive Interviews: Entourage Stars Grenier, Connolly, Dillon and Ferrara!

For eight seasons, Entourage told the story of a Hollywood movie star, and the friends that surround him. Adrian Grenier starred as Vince, with friends Eric ( Kevin Connolly ), Turtle ( Jerry Ferrara ) and half-brother Johnny Drama ( Kevin Dillon ). As a viewer, it was exciting watching these four pals grow with these charismatic characters. And in the process, get a slice-of-life...
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Director Doug Ellin hopes to start shooting Bad Santa 2 this fall

Last year Billy Bob Thornton said he was waiting for the BAD SANTA 2 script, and the latest word on the sequel is that the script still isn't done, but filming may start this fall. Director Doug Ellin ( ENTOURAGE , KISSING A FOOL) joined the development hell project back in 2013, and while speaking with Collider , said if they can get the script right, he's supposed to...
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The next level is here: New Entourage trailer comes packed with celebrities

I suppose it's silly to think that a film about the wheelings and dealings of Hollywood actors and agents wouldn't be full of celebrity cameos but man...there are a lot of celebrity cameos jammed into this new trailer for ENTOURAGE; everyone from Liam Neeson to Kelsey Grammer show up. Entourage had lasted eight seasons and close to one hundred episodes on HBO when it...
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All stories must come to an end in the first trailer for the Entourage movie

The movie that nobody really needed is finally here in the first trailer for the ENTOURAGE movie. Granted, I enjoyed the first few seasons of the HBO series starring Adrian Grenier , Kevin Connolly , Jerry Ferrara , Kevin Dillon , and Jeremy Piven , but much like the SEX AND THE CITY movie, this just feels unnecessary. Even the opening sequence from the movie-within-the-movie HYDE...
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Vinnie Chase is looking very Electro in this fake movie poster for Entourage

Entourage ran 8 seasons on HBO, chronicling the lives of an up-and-coming star and his (you guessed it) entourage. Despite waning viewers as the show went on, it seems the hunger for more was strong enough for creator Doug Ellin to write and direct a feature-film to wrap up the story. Any time is a good time for a satirical look at the film industry game and all the players in...
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Shooting on the Entourage movie is now underway!

Fans of the popular HBO series ENTOURAGE were left with a cliffhanger after the final episode of the eighth season. How could they end the show with Ari getting a huge offer then just leave everyone hanging? We’ve come a long way since the debacle with ALF, right? Yeah, not even comparable, but no one likes to be left guessing. Fortunately there were plans for a movie after...
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Exclusive: Top 5 Stallone movies vs. Top 5 De Niro movies! (Video)

In preparation for Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro 's match up in GRUDGE MATCH, we present a video countdown of the Top 5 Stallone vs. the Top 5 De Niro movies, pitting the two actors' greatest hits against one another. Both Stallone and De Niro have had long, varied careers with some benchmark performances (and some less than stellar ones to boot) leaving behind a legacy of...
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Review: Grudge Match

PLOT: Two former boxing champs- Henry “Razor” Sharp ( Sylvester Stallone ) and Billy “The Kid” McDonnen ( Robert De Niro ) - and lifelong rivals reunite in the ring thirty years after their last fight to settle old scores. REVIEW: I’m not going to lie and say that I had sky-high expectations for GRUDGE MATCH. While yes, it does pair two legends- Robert De Niro and...
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