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Christina Aguilera, Theo James, Rashida Jones & more join the cast of Zoe

It's been quite some time since I'd heard any manner of news regarding the six-time Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Christina Aguilera , though it appears today that this trend is about to change. This morning, it's been confirmed that Aguilera, along with Theo James , Rashida Jones , Miranda Otto ,  Ewan McGregor  and  Lea Seydoux will join the...
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Emotions run low with Nicholas Hoult & Kristen Stewart in the Equals trailer

EQUALS is a futuristic love story set in a world where emotions have been eradicated. Sounds familiar, but director Drake Doremus (LIKE CRAZY) looks to add his own visual aesthetics to the classic "forbidden love" story. Question: if you hire Kristen Stewart in a role where emotions are outlawed, are you typecasting? I jest, but you can check out the trailer below!...
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Review: Equals (TIFF 2015)

PLOT: In a Utopian future society where emotions are suppressed, two people ( Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart ) are infected with a disease that causes them to experience emotions such as love for the first time. REVIEW: EQUALS is a highly absorbing work by director Drake Doremus . A Sundance darling, where his previous films LIKE CRAZY and BREATHE IN played to raves,...
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Update: George Orwell's 1984 is being remade with Kristen Stewart in the lead

UPDATE: Director Drake Doremus has taken to Twitter to state the film is not related to 1984 at all. Screenwriter Nathan Parker (MOON) apparently based it off of the 1956 adaptation of the Orwell novel which itself was an altered version of the source material. You have no idea how much it hurts to write that headline and know it is not a joke. Whether you are a fan of the...
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Engaging trailer for family drama Breathe In, starring Guy Pearce, Felicity Jones, and Amy Ryan

As indie dramas go, BREATHE IN seems to be hitting on all the right notes. Starring Guy Pearce , Felicity Jones , Amy Ryan , and Kyle MacLachlan , the new film from LIKE CRAZY director Drake Dormus zeroes in on the turmoil of family drama, particularly when faced with forbidden temptation. The dynamic here hinges on Pearce and Jones, who play the source of said temptation and they...
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Review: Breathe In (Sundance 2013)

PLOT: The dynamic of an apparently happy suburban family is shattered when they agree to house a foreign exchange student. REVIEW: Right from the start of BREATHE IN, itís obvious the suburban family headed by Guy Pearce and Amy Ryan is in big trouble. Dad (Pearce) is a musician, making a living as a high school music teacher, while living for the odd occasion...
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