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Michael Keaton in talks to join Tim Burton's live-action Dumbo remake

It's been some time since Michael Keaton last worked with Tim Burton (that would be BATMAN RETURNS in 1992 in you're keeping score), but Variety reports that Keaton is currently in negotiations to join the cast of Burton's remake of DUMBO as the villain. I certainly like the sound of that. Production on the live-action adaptation is edging closer and Tim Burton has...
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Colin Farrell in talks to join Eva Green in Tim Burton's Dumbo

As production on Tim Burton 's live-action adaptation of DUMBO edges closer, it seems that the cast is shaping up quite nicely. Earlier this month it was revealed that Eva Green (MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN) was in talks for a role in DUMBO and days later it was announced that Danny DeVito (BATMAN RETURNS) was as well. Colin Farrell (THE LOBSTER) may...
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Danny DeVito to join Eva Green in Tim Burton's Dumbo

It was only a few days ago that we learned Eva Green might be signing on for Tim Burton 's DUMBO, and now we have another name to add to that list; Danny DeVito . Deadline reports that the It's Always Sunny star is currently in negotiations to play Medici, a man who runs a small circus that is acquired by the villain of the film, Vandemere. Deadline went on to say that...
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Eva Green in talks to join the cast of Tim Burton's Dumbo

I would watch Eva Green in, well, just about anything, and it seems that she may have a place in one of Disney's many upcoming live-action adaptations of their animated classics. Deadline reports that Eva Green is currently in talks to join the cast of DUMBO, which is to be directed by Tim Burton . This shouldn't really come as a big surprise as Tim Burton tends to...
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Will Smith backs out of Disney's Dumbo live-action adaptation

Those of you who were looking forward to seeing Will Smith apprear in the Tim Burton -directed live-action adaptation of Disney's DUMBO might start throwing roasted peanuts at the famous actor/rapper/producer, as he has recently backed out of the project. Citing the typical reasons of salary and scheduling conflicts, Smith is now setting his priorities on the production of BAD...
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Will Smith may be joining the circus for Disney and Tim Burton's Dumbo

The House of Mouse is currently toying with the idea of signing multi-talented actor Will Smith to star in director Tim Burton ’s upcoming live adaptation of the 1941 animated classic DUMBO. With plans to fast-track the film’s production - that will follow a script written by Ehren Kruger - this re-imaging of the high-flying and existential journey of Disney’s...
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Top 10 Worst Movie Hangovers of All Time

Good morning, Black Friday shoppers! Many of you are likely still reeling from a night of turkey and cocktails. If you feel that pain in your temples, you are not alone. I never should have had that eleventh gin and tonic. Still, remember it could always be worse. Hell, you could be suffering like any of the characters on this list. Below is our ranking of the ten worst hangovers in movie...
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PETA has requested Tim Burton change the ending for his new version of Dumbo

Last week it was revealed that Tim Burton would direct Disney's remake of their classic DUMBO. Based on a script being drafted by Ehren Kruger , DUMBO would tell the story of the elephant with the over-sized ears who learns to fly. The movie remains one of the more traumatic films in the childhoods of many thanks to the mad elephant scenes and the torture at the hands of the circus...
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Tim Burton set to direct Disney's live action remake of Dumbo

With CINDERELLA looking like a winner , Disney continues to raid their classic animated films for live action film fodder. Last year, TRANSFORMERS screenwriter Ehren Kruger was named as screenwriter on the live action adaptation of DUMBO. Now, the film has landed a director: BIG EYES director Tim Burton . The Hollywood Reporter notes that DUMBO will likely be Tim Burton...
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Transformers' Ehren Kruger to write live action Dumbo movie for Disney

With the success of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and this summer's MALEFICENT, Disney is continuing to develop live action adaptations of their classic animated films. With ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2 and CINDERELLA already on their way, why not make the next logical step and adapt...DUMBO? Uh, okay... Disney and OBLIVION producer Justin Springer will team with SCREAM and TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF...
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Cool Videos: Graffiti artist Banksy kills a Disney icon in this odd video piece

Although this is under the "Cool Videos" section, I'm not sure it qualifies that niche perfectly. As an art piece it does, but I can easily see this ruffling some feathers and I think that's the point. Anyone aware of Banksy, the enigmatic graffiti artist well known for his artistic "statements" around the world, will know that this is hardly controversial...
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