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Top 10 Movies About Thanksgiving (Video Edition)

Thanksgiving is a holiday often treated much differently than Christmas. Maybe it is because it is an American holiday rather than a religious one, but Thanksgiving movies tend to have a much different tone than upbeat Christmas flicks. Here are the Top 10 Thanksgiving movies of all time and you may be surprised to see what they are all about: incest, violence, adultery, depression,...
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I Want That: NECA toys spring/summer toy round-up, featuring Predators, Aliens, Terminators, The Lone Ranger, and more!

Neca toys has created some really cool action figures, tackling video games like Gears of War and Assassins Creed to film properties like THE EVIL DEAD, PROMETHEUS, PREDATORS, ROBOCOP, THE HUNGER GAMES, and many more.  Now, the company is prepping to roll out their Spring/Summer line-up, which consists of a number of really kick ass figures, including a 25th Anniversary collection of...
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Face-Off: Cobra Cobretti vs. Dutch Schaefer

In last weeks Face-Off , we prepared for the release of Jason Statham's new film Parker by putting together a match between Statham and fellow action star (and now once again WWE Champion) Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Statham ultimately won the verdict, with our readers agreeing for the most part. Needless to say however, The Rock was not without his supporters. This week, to pump up for...
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Watch the never before seen documentary, The Making of The Empire Strikes Back

Finding any sort of new STAR WARS discoveries always adds a plus to any day. While you might think that everything that's there to be found has been unearthed, you might be pleased to find that a documentary has been found. A Dutch television documentary titled, THE MAKING OF THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK was posted on a site called OpenCulture.com today. The quality is not the best,...
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