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Furious 8 gets trailer tease & unexpected official title

We are now seven movies in with an eighth on the way, and the FAST AND FURIOUS franchise shows no signs of slowing down, which I admit would be contradictory to their title. But the franchise has never been more popular, with FURIOUS 7 racking in $1.5 billion worldwide.  That last installment’s success proved the series can still surprise it, which they've done just now by unveiling the...
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It's girls, guns and pecs galore in first Baywatch trailer

When you think about the BAYWATCH TV show the brain conjures images of slo-mo running, hot folks and a big dude slapping you in the face for thinking about the show in the first place. Now we have the movie adaptation on the way and it promises much of the same, with the inclusion of massive explosions and broad comedy, as evidenced in the first full trailer for the flick. The film from...
3 days ago
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Life, Baywatch, King Arthur and more get release date shifts

As the holiday movie season chugs on pundits and fans are already making their “most anticipated” lists for the spring and summer movie seasons. However, it’s difficult to make such lists when the release dates for these movies don’t…stay…still . They’re like dogs you tell to stay, but they won’t, and it’s frustrating. Not the...
4 days ago
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Fast 8 cast talks up latest film in new featurette; trailer hits Dec. 11th

It looks like Universal is all about behind-the-scenes looks today! A new featurette for THE MUMMY was dropped alongside the trailer, and now we have a new glimpse of FAST 8 with the promise of the first trailer hitting on Sunday. The following features footage from previous FAST & FURIOUS films, as well as cast footage. Keep your eyes peeled until the end for a few shots from F....
5 days ago
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Dwayne Johnson brings the smackdown to some thugs in Jumanji set pics

Please remember this holiday season to pay thanks to Dwayne Johnson , lest he rids us of his Instagram account out of vengeance. I for one have sung songs, offered foods on an altar and watched THE RUNDOWN on his behalf, and clearly my efforts have been rewarded. While JUMANJI enters its production's final stretch, Johnson gave us a few behind-the-scenes pics of him doing what he...
6 days ago
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Weekend Box Office Report: December 2-4, 2016

Moana stays strong! Disney's island princess and her demigod colleague continued bringing in crowds this weekend, keeping MOANA on top with an estimated $28.3 million ! The latest animated feature from the Mouse House went down 50% from last weekend's first-place opening. For comparison, FROZEN dropped by 53% in its second week, although it went on...
6 days ago
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Weekend Box Office Report: November 25-27, 2016

Moana flexes big box office muscles! Disney's new Polynesian princess was the biggest attraction for audiences over Thanksgiving weekend, putting MOANA on top with an estimated $55.5 million ! The animated family feature, which also has Dwayne " The Rock " Johnson voicing beefy demigod Maui, has collected $81.1 million since its opening on...
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Review: Moana

PLOT: A teenage Polynesian girl teams with a cocky demi-god in order to fulfill her destiny as the savior of her tribe. REVIEW: It can be argued that the domination of Pixar over the past two decades in the animation (and just pure storytelling) field has spurred Walt Disney Animation Studios to step up their game in a major way these last few years. THE PRINCESS AND THE FROG,...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda talks live-action Little Mermaid and secret Disney film

Ever since the Broadway hit Hamilton started making some serious waves, writer/star Lin-Manuel Miranda has begun some serious collaborations with Disney. He's already worked with directors John Musker and Ron Clements on songs for MOANA, and is now currently off to shoot MARY POPPINS RETURNS with Emily Blunt . That's only the beginning, as he is also a co-producer and...
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Rampage with Dwayne Johnson will destroy a city near you April 2018

For those of you who forgot (either by natural forgetfulness or by spending hours going through intensive psychotherapy to force the mental demons out), a movie based on the hit video game, RAMPAGE, is coming . It’s coming for you, it’s coming for your family and, above all, it’s coming for your money. But we have an advantage now, for we know exactly when the...
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Lin-Manuel Miranda sings in beautiful new Moana clip

MOANA, the story of a young girl going on an adventure with a hulking demigod, is promising to not only be a visual marvel but also a musical feast for the ears. We got a taste of one of the songs not long ago sung by Dwayne Johnson , who will be playing the aforementioned demigod, Maui. HAMILTON creator Lin-Manuel Miranda has lent his talents to the movie by creating some of its...
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Cool Videos: Check out 10 minutes of BTS footage from the set of Jumanji

Dwayne Johnson has done a pretty bomb-ass job at keeping fans updated on the new JUMANJI film via social media. He's taken the time to upload a ton of videos and while that has no bearing on how the film will turn out, at least the cast looks like they're having a good time. Speaking of, Steam Pug has taken the time to assemble all of the videos thus far into one, 10-minute,...
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