Star Wars: Battlefront II reveals new cinematic trailer

I remember playing STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT on PS2 and just spending all my time murdering Ewoks or crashing ships (not on purpose, I just wasn't very good). I also remember playing with my brother on the same team, which was kind of rare in the post-CONTRA days of gaming. I always appreciate games where you can work together, as I'm not much of a competitive person (and also my...
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EA gives us a sneak peek of upcoming Star Wars games including Battlefront 2

With the Electronic Entertainment Expo in full swing, we're going to see A LOT of gaming news this week! For us Star Wars fans, the gaming front has been a little dry the past few years, but that's going to change. Of course, Battlefront has been available for some time now but EA released a 'Look Ahead' video that shows us more content coming to Battlefront, as well as...
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EA bringing The Force to your mobile device with Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

As if that STAR WARS: Card Trader game didn't occupy enough of your time as it is, EA is banking on you not being able to get enough STAR WARS on your mobile device around the end of the year. Today, the video game giant released an announcement trailer for their latest endeavor STAR WARS: GALAXY OF HEROES. Taking the form of a Cantina hologame, GALAXY OF HEROES calls upon...
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Evil Dead helmer Fede Alvarez to take on adaptation of Dante's Inferno video game

When it comes to adapting a video game for the big screen there's tons of material to choose from but the challenge is finding something that actually translates well. Universal thought that 2010's DANTE'S INFERNO from EA would be a good choice. Personally I have not played that title though the original literary material from Dante Alighieri (the character's namesake) does serve as a...
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Want to see what Battlefield 4 has to offer? Come check out 17 minutes of gameplay

It's been nearly a year and a half since BATTLEFIELD 3 hit consoles and PCs. Now with BATTLEFIELD 4 due to release Fall of this year, we get 17 minutes of gameplay thanks to EA. Verdict thus far? Honestly? It looks okay so far. The biggest jump in my opinion was from BATTLEFIELD: BAD COMPANY and BATTLEFIELD 3 due to the upgrade to the Frostbite engine. I think it's really...
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