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Review: Collateral Beauty

PLOT: A creative exec ( Will Smith ) is unmoored by the death of his young daughter. Two years later, on the eve of an important merger, he’s yet to recover, leading his partners ( Edward Norton , Kate Winslet & Michael Pena ) to make an ambitious stab at snapping him back to reality by hiring three out-of-work actors to pose as “Time”, “Death”...
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Cool Videos: Wes Anderson delivers Christmas in the short film Come Together

It's already been two years since Wes Anderson delivered his storybook-quality charm in THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, and it looks like it'll be 2 more years before we finally get another feature-length film of his up on the big screen. Disheartening for fans, for sure, but H&M has stepped in to deliver a little taste of Anderson for the holidays! That's right! The...
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Will Smith is very emotional in new trailer for Collateral Beauty

The holiday season is not just a time for big blockbusters or Oscar contenders, but also for sentimental tear-jerkers that seek to remind everyone what the meaning of life really is. They often have an A-list ensemble cast, and the primary color of their posters is usually white. This year that movie is shaping up to be COLLATERAL BEAUTY, a flick with a pretty great cast that...
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Love, time and death visit Will Smith in the trailer for Collateral Beauty

When a successful New York advertising executive ( Will Smith ) experiences a deep personal tragedy and retreats from life entirely, his colleagues devise a drastic plan to force him to confront his grief in a surprising and profoundly human way. A touch of A CHRISTMAS CAROL is in store for us today with the trailer for David Frankel 's COLLATERAL BEAUTY. Alright, so this...
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Cool Videos: Awesome mash-up of The Grand Budapest Hotel and The Shining

It is amazing just how alike Wes Anderson and Stanley Kubrick are as filmmakers. While there may not be many correlations, thematically, between BARRY LYNDON and EYES WIDE SHUT compared to THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS and RUSHMORE, from a technical standpoint these two directors have shown a lot of commonalities between their style, approach, and composition on screen. There is not better...
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Jeremy Renner talks Matt Damon's return to Bourne and a possible crossover

A few weeks ago we learned that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass are reuniting for another Bourne movie; and when the confetti cleared many wondered what would come of the other Bourne franchise starring Jeremy Renner as Aaron Cross. Now Renner has opened up on what he thinks about Damon’s return and what might happen with the franchise. It’s important to note that the...
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Frank Marshall says Matt Damon will not appear in the next Bourne film

Don't get your hopes up that the reason behind the delayed release for the sequel to THE BOURNE LEGACY was to include Matt Damon in the film. Not even two days after the news broke are we being told it isn't going to happen. THE BOURNE LEGACY producer Frank Marshall shot down the rumors emphatically stating that the push has nothing to do with Damon and that Damon is not back for...
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Sequel to The Bourne Legacy with Jeremy Renner pushed to 2016

Maybe it was wishful thinking on Universal's part to get the sequel to THE BOURNE LEGACY up for release by next summer. But, if the indication just last week that the Justin Lin -directed film was getting a new screenwriter wasn't enough, now comes official word that the studio is delaying the film an entire year. Box Office Mojo lists the date shift moving the untitled fifth...
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See The Grand Budapest Hotel constructed entirely out of LEGO in this video

It may be contrary to all of the love for CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER and X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST on this site, but for me the best film so far in 2014 is Wes Anderson 's THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL. A perfect amalgam of everything Anderson has made to date, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL injects a level of whimsy that he hasn't had to this degree since THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS. In...
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Universal taps Andrew Baldwin to write Justin Lin's Bourne flick

Despite the news that Matt Damon would be willing to return to the world of Bourne with Paul Greengrass in tow, Universal is moving full steam ahead with a sequel to THE BOURNE LEGACY with Justin Lin at the helm and Jeremy Renner 's Aaron Cross front and center. Lin has more than earned his spurs by taking the Fast and Furious away from it's illegal street racing roots...
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Matt Damon says he's down to be Bourne again, but only with Paul Greengrass

It’s been nearly seven years since Matt Damon played Jason Bourne on the big screen in Paul Greengrass ' THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM . The franchise has since gone on without him by casting Jeremy Renner as the lead in 2012’s THE BOURNE LEGACY. The reception was lukewarm at best as trying to fill the shoes Damon fit into perfectly was obviously no easy task. Well,...
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Cool Videos: Great VFX reel for Wes Anderson's The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson films are not the type of movies you would immediately think of in association with visual effects. Maybe because his style has all of the magic within the camera, but ever since THE FANTASTIC MR. FOX I have looked at his movies with a closer eye. His most recent film, THE GRAND BUDAPEST HOTEL, may be his most ambitious film to date and has several major sequences that...
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