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A post-Romeo & Juliet TV series is coming to ABC by way of Shondaland

Before we get started here, let's get some SPOILER -ish business out the way, so we all know what we're discussing. This is a warning I shouldn't really have to make, considering ROMEO & JULIET is on the table, but, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Shakespeare's play somehow, this is your warning. So, by the end of ROMEO & JULIET, everyone that...
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Sony dumps Freaks of Nature red-band trailer and sudden release date on us

Talk about throwing THE KITCHEN SINK at you... literally. Sony has had a movie on their hands for awhile called just that - THE KITCHEN SINK. At one point in time, Jonah Hill was having conversations about making his directorial debut with it. That ultimately didn't come to be, with Robbie Pickering taking the project that featured an all-out war in some shitty small town being...
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Review: Romeo and Juliet

PLOT: Romeo and Juliet, two teenagers at opposite sides of forever dueling families, fall in love at first sight. It doesn't end well. REVIEW: Carlo Carlei 's ROMEO & JULIET is a lovely looking film that lacks the fiery passion inherent in William Shakespeare 's play, and has completely miscast the two lead roles. It's also altered the lines of the play in order to appeal to...
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Trailer and poster for Romeo and Juliet with Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth

So, for those of you with wives and girlfriends, I've found the next movie you'll be dragged to, kicking and screaming. It's a little movie called ROMEO AND JULIET starring Hailee Steinfeld , Douglas Booth, Damian Lewis , Paul Giamatti , Stellan Skarsgard , Ed Westwick , Natascha McElhone , and Kodi Smit-McPhee . The latest adaptation of William Shakespeare 's...
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The trailer for the new Romeo and Juliet features Haillee Steinfeld, Paul Giamatti, Damian Lewis, and Stellan Skarsgard

ROMEO AND JULIET is one of the movies that we will continue to see remakes of for the duration of film as an medium. The last two theatrical versions were the contemporary Baz Luhrman version and the animated GNOMEO AND JULIET. This new take returns the tale to 16th century Italy complete with lush costumes and the full iambic pentameter intact. Julian Fellowes , the writer of...
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