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Kristen Stewart in talks to survive earthquake aftermath in Underwater

With the trying times of the TWILIGHT saga long behind her, actress Kristen Stewart has since become something of a bad girl among the young Hollywood elite in recent years. Relentlessly unpredictable, and known for being outspoken about a myriad of topics both social and political, Kristen Stewart , in my estimation, is a walking time bomb, a spitfire, and now she's...
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Review: Ouija: Origin of Evil

PLOT: A widowed mother of two girls working as a fraudulent medium is horrified when the use of a ouija board appears to bring evil spirits into her home. REVIEW: I'm not necessarily all in on the Mike Flanagan bandwagon just yet, but it's hard not to want to flag it down after seeing OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL, a prequel with almost literally no right to be as effective...
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We interview Henry Thomas, Elizabeth Reaser & more for Ouija: Origin of Evil

When I saw the first OUIJA, I was more than a little disappointed. Nothing really worked. Well, aside from the promise of what you could do in another horror film about that creepy “talking board” - anybody remember WITCHBOARD? Then came OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL. While a little skeptical, I felt that if anybody was going to make it work it would be writer/director...
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Ouija: Origin of Evil gets a stylishly old-school one sheet

So many garbage one sheets come across my desk on a regular basis, one lazily Photoshopped effort after another, that when I do get something with some style, some design, some thought put into it, I feel it's my responsibility to call attention to it in the hopes that you'll dig it, too. Today that comes from OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL.  Director Mike Flanagan unleashed...
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Trailer for Ouija: Origin of Evil already looks better than first Ouija film

It makes perfect sense for anyone to write off another OUIJA movie being made after the debacle that was the first flick. However, Mike Flanagan (HUSH and OCULUS) sitting in the director's chair this time certainly should buy a new chapter the benefit of the doubt... and, by the looks of the first trailer for OUIJA: ORIGINS OF EVIL, it may be fairly earned.  The new...
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Poster for Ouija: Origin of Evil takes the young franchise into the past

The first OUIJA movie is - How can I put this lightly? - not very good.  But it made a good deal of money ($105 million against a $5 million budget), so it was only natural to go back to the well and see if it can be done again. That brings us to OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL, which isn't OUIJA 2, because it isn't a sequel and benefits from trying not to continue with a story...
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Charlize Theron, Jason Reitman & Diablo Cody reteaming for motherhood movie

The last time Charlize Theron , Jason Reitman and Diablo Cody teamed up, the result was YOUNG ADULT. It appears the trio may be putting the band back together for another film. While talks are still in the early stages, Cody's latest untitled script looks to be settling into the hands of Reitman to direct with Theron starring. Plot details remain under wraps, but the one...
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Kristen Stewart says she is still "endlessly f*cking proud" of Twilight

There are more than likely no hardcore fans of TWILIGHT out there amongst our readers but I would venture to guess who do have our fair share of haters of the vampire romance series. After half a decade of films, we finally got a year with no TWILIGHT film hitting screens, but we probably will never fully escape the shadow of the box office behemoth that begot FIFTY SHADES OF GREY and...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Movie CliffsNotes - Twilight!

The latest installment of Movie CliffsNotes ventures into the young adult section with the infamous TWILIGHT, starring Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. Known as the film that kicked off the whole craze for YA films, TWILIGHT has since been revered for it's showcase of awkward acting, cheesy dialogue, and ludicrous story, which makes it all the more fun to break down into a bare...
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Lionsgate is developing five short films based on Twilight characters

After five films, you would have thought you could escape the melodramatic tripe that was TWILIGHT, but here comes a new contest from Lionsgate to create new tales rooted in the vampire/werewolf universe. Coming from a collaborative contest involving Facebook, crowd-sourcing site Tongal, the Women in Film organization, and a panel of judges including TWILIGHT creator Stephanie Meyer,...
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Awfully Good: Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Go home, DIVERGENT. No other YA adaptation will ever touch the greatness of… TWILIGHT: BREAKING DAWN (2012) Director: Bill Condon Stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Your typical love story. Now with 75% more rough sex, vampire decapitations and werewolf pedophilia! Two of the best theater experiences I've...
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The author of Twilight no longer likes Twilight

I think it's no surprised that the majority of our readers were counting down the days of when the TWILIGHT franchise ended. There were so many things wrong with the material but there's no point in taking time to explain each flaw. However, no one seemed to hate TWILIGHT more than Edward Cullen himself, Robert Pattinson . He's gone on record to say more than a few hilarious...
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