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Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson in 9/11 dramedy; pardon?

Following the tragic events of 9/11, an improbable story emerged about three of the biggest names in entertainment. Several days before the attack, Michael Jackson was playing a concert at Madison Square Garden and he'd invited Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando to join him. Then, after the towers fell and air-traffic to and from New York was cancelled, the trio rented a car...
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Warner Bros. and WWE tag team to bring you a new Flintstones animated adventure in 2015

Looks like fans of both WWE and The Flintstones are about to be in heaven as Warner Bros. and WWE are teaming up to create a new, direct-to-video animated THE FLINTSTONES pic. Starring a number of current big-name wrestlers, including John Cena and CM Punk, the animated pic will seemingly mix in the regular characters with new, prehistoric versions of the famous wrestlers. Here's the...
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The BBC to make their own Liz Taylor movie starring Helena Bonham Carter

Take that, Lindsay Lohan ! After Lifetime's terrible biopic, LIZ AND DICK, it didn't seem likely we would get a properly made movie about the Hollywood legend of Elizabeth Taylor . But, leave it to the BBC to put together a project with some competent actors to play Liz and Richard Burton . Deadline reports that the BBC film will be titled BURTON & TAYLOR (creative) and will...
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The trailer for Lindsay Lohan's Liz & Dick is one of the worst things you will ever see

Lindsay Lohan may be a punching bag for the media, but she doesn't make it hard for us. She had such promise as an actress, but now she looks like a wax sculpture of herself come to life. Between SCARY MOVIE 5 and this Lifetime original movie, Lohan has officially sunk to a new low. Lifetime is not exactly the bastion of quality filmmaking, so I don't know why I expected more from...
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