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Colin Firth to join Emily Blunt in Mary Poppins Returns

While I'm still questioning the need for a sequel to MARY POPPINS, after all, the original was practically perfect in every way, Disney seems to be packing the film full of so many talented individuals that it's becoming awfully difficult to have anything bad to say about the upcoming film. MARY POPPINS RETURNS stars Emily Blunt in the title role and now Variety has reported...
2 days ago
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Emily Mortimer joins up with Mary Poppins Returns

When it comes to remakes, particularly those of classic and beloved films, most of us are rightfully skeptical, but Disney is making it awfully difficult to have anything bad to say about the upcoming MARY POPPINS RETURNS, which, to be fair, is technically a sequel to the original rather than a straight up remake. The studio has been assembling quite the talented cast for the sequel and...
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Travel to 1980s New York with Ethan Hawke in the Ten Thousand Saints trailer

If you're looking to scratch that coming-of-age itch, enter Not-Spider-Man Asa Butterfield in TEN THOUSAND SAINTS. The story follows seventeen-year-old Jude (Butterfield) who, after death of his best friend, is sent to live with his pot-dealing absentee father ( Ethan Hawke ). Lacking guidance, the drug-addled Jude falls under the sway of his late best friend's half-brother,...
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Martin Scorsese to direct/produce Shutter Island series Ashecliffe for HBO

Is it just me or does it seem like each day we are hearing about another feature film being adapted as a television series? Most recently, we heard that Steven Spielberg was developing a series based on MINORITY REPORT. Now, it looks like the great Martin Scorsese is turning one of his recent movies into a show for HBO. According to Deadline , Scorsese and Paramount are working...
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The Pink Panther to return in a CGI/live action movie from MGM

There is good news and bad news regarding the next big screen incarnation of THE PINK PANTHER. The good news is that the painfully bad series starring Steve Martin as Inspector Clouseau will not be continuing. The bad news is that the next movie will be a CGI/live action movie along the lines of ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS, SCOOBY DOO, and THE SMURFS. The new caper film will focus on...
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Download Martin Scorsese's Hugo for free today only

It may be December 30th, but there are still Christmas presents to be had! Apple is giving away, as part of their holiday promotion, a free item every day for twelve days. Today's gift is a free copy of Martin Scorsese 's 2011 film HUGO. Nominated for a bunch of awards, including Best Picture, HUGO is one of Scorsese's best movies as well as his first to be shot digitally and 3D....
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