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The duo behind Epic Movie & Meet the Spartans turn their sights to Star Wars

After winning some goodwill as two of the half-dozen screenwriters responsible for SCARY MOVIE, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer spent the next seventeen years turning that success into a series of increasingly terrible parody movies such as EPIC MOVIE, MEET THE SPARTANS and DISASTER MOVIE. The films were relatively cheap to produce and usually made their money back, which has kept...
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C'mon Hollywood: Stop making lazy spoofs and parodies!

I want to be a filmmaker. After going to school and writing, editing and learning how lights and a camera work, I have made the choice to follow that passion for the rest of my life. Perhaps that's why seeing these parody films today is so enraging. Knowing that there are people out there getting to live their dream by making shit like A HAUNTED HOUSE and THE STARVING GAMES truly pains...
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