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Nicholas Hoult does anything to save Felicity Jones in the Collide trailer

To pay for his girlfriend's ( Felicity Jones ) medical emergency while abroad, Casey ( Nicholas Hoult ) schemes to pull a drug heist for an eccentric gangster ( Ben Kingsley ). After a failed attempt, he embarks across Europe on an action-packed chase in a race against time to save his girlfriend's life from being taken by an evil druglord ( Anthony Hopkins ). Sound like a fun...
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Ben Kingsley, Anthony Hopkins & Felicity Jones join thriller Autobahn

Two brilliant actors and one very sexy actress have been cast in an upcoming thriller called AUTOBAHN from WELCOME TO THE PUNCH director Eran Creevy . Production on the film will start on Monday, and THR has learned Ben Kingsley , Anthony Hopkins and Felicity Jones have joined the project. They will star alongside Nicholas Hoult , who has been attached to AUTOBAHN since...
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Review: Welcome To the Punch

PLOT: Max Lewinsky ( James McAvoy ) is a young cop who’s badly wounded in a showdown with master thief Jacob Sternwood ( Mark Strong ). Years later, Sternwood, who’s living in exile, is forced to come back to Britain when his son is mortally wounded in a heist gone wrong. Lewinsky is hot on his trail, but the two may have a common enemy... REVIEW: WELCOME TO THE PUNCH is...
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