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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Straight Outta Compton, Everest

This Week: Cruising Compton for summer's biggest shocker, man vs. mountain in Everest, and two movies with very different teenaged angst. ► The biggest surprise of last summer wasn’t what flopped, but the stunning box office of the N.W.A. bio STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON . With Ice Cube, Dr. Dre...
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Review: Everest

PLOT: Based on a true story, EVEREST recounts the 1996 expedition to the summit of Mount Everest by several groups of climbers, some experienced, some not, that resulted in multiple fatalities. REVIEW: The trailers may bill EVEREST as an edge-of-your-seat thriller replete with stunning IMAX 3D cinematography guaranteed to make you feel as if you're 20,000 feet above sea...
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Jake Gyllenhaal deconstructs his life in Demolition trailer

Jake Gyllenhaal has been doing some incredible work as of late. For the most part, he always was (well, except for THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW and PRINCE OF PERSIA), but when you take a look at his last few films, it is one dynamite performance after another. SOURCE CODE. END OF WATCH. PRISONERS. ENEMY. NIGHTCRAWLER. SOUTHPAW. Gyllenhaal seems to get better and better each time out, which is...
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Sam Worthington & Ruth Wilson join Sofia Boutella in The Titan

It's been announced that Sam Worthington and The Affair and THE LONE RANGER actress Ruth Wilson are set to star alongside Sofia Boutella (KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE) in an "elevated sci-fi" flick called THE TITAN. Lennart Ruff will make his feature film directorial debut with the movie, with Motion Picture Capital, GRACE OF MONACO screenwriter Arash Amel ,...
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You may want to hold your breath during the new trailer for Everest

Now here's a story that really rocks! Anyone? Okay, moving on! In case you didn't check out the trailer that debuted last month for EVEREST, the film follows a climbing expedition on Mt. Everest that is devastated by a severe snow storm. Boasting an ensemble that includes Jason Clarke , Jake Gyllenhaal , John Hawkes , Robin Wright , Josh Brolin , Sam Worthington , Keira Knightley...
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The trailer for Everest will leave you absolutely breathless

There are movies that leave you breathless thanks to stunning visuals or heart-pounding suspense. There are also true stories told on the big screen that, despite knowing the outcome, still keep you on the edge of your seat with anticipation and anxiety. EVEREST looks to be all of those rolled into one. Featuring an amazing cast that includes Jason Clarke , Jake Gyllenhaal ,...
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Cinemacon 2015: New posters for London Has Fallen, Aloha, Everest & more!

We're at 2015 in Las Vegas, which is the Official Convention of The National Association of Theater Owners (NATO), where studios debut exclusive presentations on their upcoming slate for the next year and exhibitors and trade organizations share the latest and greatest in theatrical technology and entertainment. Also on hand are celebrities and filmmakers to help promote and...
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2015 Universal Pictures Preview!

Universal had a decent year in 2014, having slipped a few spots from 2013's hold, taking 5th place in the overall market share with 10.8% and $1.1 Billion in ticket sales. NEIGHBORS and RIDE ALONG were their primary moneymakers, with LUCY and LONE SURVIVOR the only other films to crack $100 million domestically. However, 2015 has a much better looking line-up of films for the studio, including...
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Pics from Everest and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. feature Gyllenhaal and Cavill

With the winter solstice now upon us, a new picture from Baltasar Kormakur 's EVEREST has made it's way to computers everywhere. Having previously directed Mark Wahlberg in the likes of CONTRABAND and 2 GUNS, Kormakur heads to the mountain of the same name to tell his latest tale inspired by true events that took place on Everest in 1996, as well as Jon Krakauer's...
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Christian Bale prepping to scale Everest for director Baltasar Kormakur

Taking off the cowl of Batman hasn't slowed star Christian Bale in any way.  The actor is in negotiations to star in EVEREST for director Baltasar Kormakur (THE DEEP) at Universal, which is based on the same ill-fated expedition most famously chronicled in author John Krakauer's INTO THIN AIR.  The disastrous 1996 expedition to climb Mount Everest resulted in eight deaths with a few...
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