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Face Off: Batman v. Superman vs. Suicide Squad

Welcome back to Face-Off, ladies and gentleman, Jobloís exclusive feature that gets you as close as you can to legal cockfighting. Last week saw the duel between two of sci-fiís greatest sidekicks, Groot vs. Chewbacca , which ended in a tie, causing much looting and rioting. But a memorial foundation has been set up in name of the victims of said pillaging, and itís time to move on to this...
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Face-Off: Iron Man vs. Doctor Strange

Last week not only saw the face-off of two of the more legendary heroes in the history of film , Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter (win went to Skywalker, but the comparison of the two franchises will be revisited soon), but also marked the final entry in this exclusive series by the incomparable Brian Bitner. The man has acted as the judge over tons of past editions, and his take and opinions...
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Face-Off: Luke Skywalker vs. Harry Potter

In our previous Face-Off , I put 2015 boxing films SOUTHPAW and CREED into the ring. Most of you agreed with my decision to give it to the tale of Adonis Creed and Rocky Balboa, but there was plenty of love for SOUTHPAW as well, which was nice to see, as Antoine Fuqua breathed some much needed life into an otherwise stale genre. This week, with FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND...
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Face-Off: Southpaw vs. Creed

With BLEED FOR THIS hitting theaters this month, we're taking a look back at the two most prominent boxing films of 2015. SOUTHPAW saw Antoine Fuqua team up with Sons of Anarchy brainchild Kurt Sutter for a look at what happens when a championship boxer hits rock bottom, and CREED continued the legacy of the ROCKY franchise with the son of Apollo Creed seeking help from Rocky Balboa...
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Face-Off: The Exorcist vs. The Omen

In our previous Face-Off , we paid tribute to the great Gene Wilder in BLAZING SADDLES vs. YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN . I gave YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN the edge, and while some of you preferred BLAZING SADDLES , I think we all agreed neither of Mel Brooks ' classic films would have been the same without our favorite dreamer of dreams. This week, it wouldn't be October without a Halloween...
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Face-Off: Blazing Saddles vs. Young Frankenstein

With the recent passing of the great Gene Wilder , fans all over the world have been looking back at many of the actor's classic performances and remembering the man himself. While WILLY WONKA & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY features, for many of us, Wilder's most cherished performance, there's very little you can compare that film with (including that unfortunate Burton/Depp endeavor from 2005),...
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Face-Off: Dark Shadows vs. Crimson Peak

In our previous Face-Off , we brought you a mid-90's Cage match with THE ROCK vs. CON AIR . I gave THE ROCK the edge for being a more well-rounded movie, and the vast majority of you agreed. There was also some love for FACE/OFF , which isn't surprising as it nicely rounds out that trilogy of mayhem. This week, with Tim Burton 's MISS PEREGRINE'S HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN...
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Face-Off: The Rock vs. Con Air

In our previous Face-Off , I dropped close combat action films JACK REACHER and JOHN WICK into the ring, and not only did 100% of you agree with my decision to give it to JOHN WICK , no one complained that it was a lopsided Face-Off or politely asked me to leave the internet forever. It was as if I'd died and went to movie column Heaven. They already have the Episode VIII trailer there,...
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Face-Off: Jack Reacher vs. John Wick

In our previous Face-Off , I gave GLADIATOR the slight edge over BRAVEHEART , and I could not have been happier to see the vast majority of you disagree! In all honesty, I was trying to be as objective as possible, but I personally also prefer William Wallace's tale over that of General Maximus. Perhaps I'll start letting some subjectivity seep into future match-ups... This week, with...
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Face-Off: Braveheart vs. Gladiator

In our previous Face-Off , we visited the world of female-driven high school comedies in HEATHERS vs. MEAN GIRLS , with the latter coming out on top. Half of you agreed with the verdict and half of you dissented, which at the very least means it wasn't a lopsided match up! This week, we're changing gears ever so slightly from shoulder padded blazers and fetch pink tops... I don't...
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Face-Off: Heathers vs. Mean Girls

In our previous Face-Off , I took on the daunting task of comparing the leviathan franchises STAR TREK and STAR WARS . While STAR WARS took it down and most of you agreed with the outcome, I think we all showed a great deal of respect for both franchises and recognized that they live in different genres and are each unique and wonderful in their own way. This Friday, BAD MOMS looks...
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Face-Off: Star Trek vs. Star Wars

In our previous Face-Off , I looked at 80's fantasy favorites THE NEVERENDING STORY and LABYRINTH . Almost all of you joined me in naming LABYRINTH the greater of the two, but I won't argue with the few of you who disagreed; after all, Falkor is one of the greatest things ever. This week- OKAY, EVERYONE, SETTLE DOWN. Yes, I've phased (phasered?) myself in the foot with this...
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