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WTF news: Brett Ratner to make annoying Facebook app Farmville into an animated series

Hey, remember when I sent you that request to join Farmville on Facebook?  Remember when I sent it 65 times?  Remember when I posted that my cow was lost?  Oh yeah, you remember, and you're probably very thankful that Facebook finally found a way to put the ka-block on that shit, keeping the mindless, fruitless activities of Farmland out of your already convoluted feed of...
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JoBlo.com partners with "Yeah" Facebook app to give-away 100 free monthly movie subscriptions!

You might have already seen the YEAH Facebook app advertisements on our site over this past weekend, but in case you didn't, here's the low-down. JoBlo.com is partnering with the YEAH Facebook app to give away 100 month-long subscriptions to their service. And what exactly is their service? I'm glad you asked! YEAH is basically the ultimate movie fan app that lets you watch some of your...
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