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The Last Airbender-like comic, The Nameless City, to get an animated series!

We've got some truly awesome news for Indie comic book fans today, as its been announced that writer and artist Faith Erin Hicks' graphic novel trilogy THE NAMELESS CITY is lining up to be adapted for the small screen, courtesy of Frederator Studios! So far as we know, the three books will be broken up into 12 half-hour lone episodes, with each graphic novel being translated...
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God's Not Dead 3 officially announced, and God wept

As a lover of bad movies, GOD'S NOT DEAD is a pretty good one. Melodramatic acting, subplots that go nowhere (literally in the case of one about a car that won't start), amateurish production values, and an incomprehensible message (Pastor Dave, why don't you convert the atheist after you call an ambulance?) The second one is somehow even more bonkers. And look,...
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NYCC 2016: Valiant Panel: Ninjak vs. the Valiant Universe and more

Not be left behind in the comics-to-cinema boom, the award-winning publisher of books like Harbinger, Imperium, Archer & Armstrong, and Faith, Valiant Comics, have got something special to share with New York City Comic Con guests! Heading up a first-look at footage from Valiant’s forthcoming NINJAK VS. THE VALIANT UNIVERSE six-part live-action series was panel...
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Hugh Jackman to produce and star in the Biblical film Apostle Paul

The return of the Biblical epic continues as Hugh Jackman gets into the mix of playing one of the most famous New Testament characters. Jackman is set to star in the title role in APOSTLE PAUL which he will also produce alongside Ben Affleck and Matt Damon . The film currently has no director but a script is being drafted by Matt Cook (TRIPLE NINE). The story of Paul is one...
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Chad Michael Murray and Ashley Tisdale join Nicolas Cage's remake of Left Behind

Looks like Nicolas Cage 's remake of the LEFT BEHIND series of faith-based action movies just got a little more interesting. Just kidding, it still sounds like it is going to be a trainwreck. But, at least now it will be a trainwreck featuring appealing young stars! Deadline is reporting that Ashley Tisdale , of HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL fame, is joining LEFT BEHIND. Tisdale will...
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