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Exclusive: Deadpool stars in this fan made post-credits scene for Logan

The following is going to get into some SPOILERS regarding the end of LOGAN, so if you haven't had the chance to see it and don't want the ending ruined for you, look away! As for the rest of you, you probably weren't too surprised that there wasn't a post-credits scene for LOGAN given the end of the film. It ends on a somber note, tears are shed and most seem to...
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Cool Videos: The Force Awakens-styled trailer for the Star Wars prequels

After watching several fan edit of the STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS trailer that was released last month , YouTube user Max Nicholson decided to get creative with footage from the trilogy prequel, and make a trailer for them that is in the same style as the latest look at the J.J. Abrams -directed installment of the sci-fi franchise. Nicholson says "One thing that always...
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Cool Videos: The Empire invades Los Angeles in this fan-made Star Wars short

Some of you may have already seen this video, but I still feel it is worth sharing. Kaipotainment (the same peeps who do the X-Cats videos ) has created a very awesome short called "Star Wars: Invasion Los Angeles." It's pretty much Jonathan Liebesman 's BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, but shorter, and featuring Imperial Forces invading the City of Angels instead of generic...
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Cool Videos: Ridiculously silly fan-made Jurassic World parody trailer

I've seen a lot of fan-made parody trailers, but I don't think I've watched one as absurd as this JURASSIC WORLD one. Created by YouTube user Darren Wallace (the same person responsible for the Disney's STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS parody trailer, which is also below if you haven't checked it out yet), the video features appearances by Jeff Goldblum 's Ian...
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Cool Videos: Sweet fan-made DC/Marvel vs Star Wars trailers

Update: A full DC/Marvel vs Star Wars trailer has also been released. Check it out! Original: DC, Marvel and Star Wars characters all appearing in the same movie; a nerd can dream, right? One such nerd (who on YouTube goes by the name Alex Luthor ) has made an excellent trailer imagining a film where the superheroes from the Marvel and DC comics join forces to battle the...
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Cool Videos: Fun full trailer for fan-made Nightwing web series

Earlier this year we got a first look at Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le's Nightwing: The Series , and now a full trailer has been released for their upcoming fan-made web series. Shepherd and Le funded the project through Kickstarter, and I'm pretty impressed with what they've done with such a small budget. We already know the villain Deathstroke will also be featured...
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Cool Videos: Trailer for fan made short based on Neil Gaiman's Sandman

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is developing a feature film based on Neil Gaiman 's Sandman comics, but apparently there's also another Sandman project in the works as well. It's a fan made short called Hope in the Abyss from director/producer André Kirkman, and it's being funded through Kickstarter. A trailer/promo video has been released for the short, and it...
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Cool Videos: Trailer For Live Action Akira Project

We have a very cool live-action trailer for The Akira Project that you should definitely checkout. The project which is crowd-sourced and non-profit set out to create a live action trailer for the renowned 80's manga-turned-anime film AKIRA . As far as fan-made projects go, this one is top shelf. While we have been waiting for a live action AKIRA movie forever, with only...
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Cool Videos: This Marvel: Ultimate Alliance fan-made trailer is amazing!

Although it's been a blast seeing so many comic book characters together in Marvel's films, many fans would love to see a fastball special with Wolverine and Hulk, Spidey battling Doctor Doom or Tony Stark working on a project with The Fantastic Four's Reed Richards. It's not going to happen any time soon (if ever) with different studios owning the big screen rights for...
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Cool Videos: Fan-made Nightwing: The Series first look teaser is badass

Young filmmakers Danny Shepherd and Jeremy Le released a NIGHTWING short film back in 2012, which garnered more than a million hits, prompting them to start a Kickstarter campaign to make their own fan-made series for the character. It's been a while since we've heard from them, but now they're back with a first look at the next evolution of their venture. With a nano-budget...
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Cool Videos: Fanmade trailer for The Warriors remake comes out to play!

Based on Walter Hill's classic 1979 cult film, THE WARRIORS, director Ram Bhat has made a self-funded pitch trailer for a new version of the film and it's a really stellar slice of nostalgia. Tacking on all the motifs of the original with a more sleek and refined look, the trailer is dialogue free, but packs a visual punch. It's one of the rare times when an homage works exceptionally well...
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Cool Videos: Fan made teaser for Superman/Batman movie with Ben Affleck and Bryan Cranston

Want to see what the planned SUPERMAN/BATMAN movie could look like with Ben Affleck as Batman and Bryan Cranston as Lex Luthor? I thought so. This fan made teaser was uploaded to Youtube and uses scenes from MAN OF STEEL, DAREDEVIL, Nolan's Batman films, Breaking Bad, ELYSIUM, as well as a few others. Even if you're not thrilled about Ben Affleck as Batman, how can...
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