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The Dark Crystal prequel series coming from Netflix and Louis Leterrier

One virtually undisputed fact in this world is that Jim Henson ’s work in the field of puppetry and animatronics is second to none, creating such classic characters as The Muppets and bringing us movies like LABYRINTH. One of his more notable works is THE DARK CRYSTAL, an 80s children’s movie that used groundbreaking animatronics to transport viewers into a new, wide and...
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Cool Videos: The unofficial director's cut of The Dark Crystal is a thing of beauty

Jim Henson 's THE DARK CRYSTAL is a childhood favorite of mine and a testament to the power of Jim Henson 's creativity. Unlike The Muppets or Sesame Street, THE DARK CRYSTAL's plush creations inhabit a darker world full of the threat of death and doom. Upon it's release in 1982, THE DARK CRYSTAL had undergone a significant series of changes to make it less brooding and dark. While...
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