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Review: The Wailing (Fantasia Review)

PLOT: A policeman working in a small South Korean town finds that many of his townsfolk are being afflicted with a mysterious illness that results in a rash, violent mental derangement, and finally – death. When his beloved daughter is afflicted, he succumbs to superstition, and sets in motion a diabolical series of events that will spell doom for his whole family....
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Review: For the Love of Spock (Fantasia Review)

PLOT: Director Adam Nimoy explores his father Leonard Nimoy ’s enduring legacy as the most popular character in STAR TREK history - Spock. He also shines a light on his own, complicated relationship with his father, and the challenges of being the son of an icon. REVIEW: FOR THE LOVE OF SPOCK comes along at the ideal moment. Not only is another big-screen STAR TREK...
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Review: Kickboxer: Vengeance (Fantasia 2016)

PLOT: After his brother is killed in the ring, a kickboxer ( Alain Moussi ) trains under the tutelage of a legendary coach ( Jean-Claude Van Damme ) in order to take-on the man responsible ( Dave Bautista ). REVIEW: I’m not ashamed to admit that of all the amazing movies premiering at this year’s edition of the Fantasia Film Festival, one of the titles I was most...
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Review: Zero Charisma

PLOT: Scott (Sam Eidson) is a dedicated table-top RPG fan. In fact, he's such a fan that he's unable to hold down anything but a dead-end job, while living at home with his cantankerous grandmother (Anne Gee Byrd) and dominating his gamer friends at their thrice-weekly marathon gaming sessions. There, Scott is the “game-master”, but his world is shaken up when the game...
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Review: Frankenstein's Army

PLOT: Towards the end of WW2, on the Eastern Front, a platoon of Russian soldiers answer a distress call only to find themselves trapped in a secret Nazi lab run by the Grandson of Dr. Viktor Frankenstein. There, he's built an army of undead soldiers, combining human flesh and machinery, in the mad hope of using his creations to take over the world. REVIEW: More than...
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