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Review: 5-25-77 (Fantasia 2013)

PLOT: Growing up in rural Illinois in the mid-seventies, teenaged Pat Johnson (John Francis Daley) dreams of being a filmmaker like his idols Stanley Kubrick , Steven Spielberg , and Douglas Trumbull . But will Pat be able to escape his small town, and take the gamble of pursuing his dreams no matter where they take him? REVIEW: I’d wager the vast majority of...
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Review: Zero Charisma

PLOT: Scott (Sam Eidson) is a dedicated table-top RPG fan. In fact, he's such a fan that he's unable to hold down anything but a dead-end job, while living at home with his cantankerous grandmother (Anne Gee Byrd) and dominating his gamer friends at their thrice-weekly marathon gaming sessions. There, Scott is the “game-master”, but his world is shaken up when the game...
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