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Adam Wingard talks directing Godzilla vs. Kong

Adam Wingard is directing the most recent "vs." film to come up in recent years (after such classics as FREDDY VS. JASON, ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, and BATMAN V SUPERMAN) with GODZILLA VS. KONG. This is exciting for me, as I've loved Wingard's films YOU'RE NEXT and THE GUEST (and while I haven't seen BLAIR WITCH yet, DEATH NOTE looks pretty good too), so I'm...
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C'mon, Hollywood: Don't let The Expendabelles become a generic chick flick!

Not too long ago, there was an announcement of an all female version of THE EXPENDABLES hitting theaters, called THE EXPENDABELLES , which I personally thought sounded supremely awesome. While we've gotten films like UNDERWORLD , RESIDENT EVIL and KILL BILL featuring women kicking ass and taking names, this would be the first time a movie had so many gals doing that at the same...
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Cool Videos: Old man fight! Norman Mailer vs Rip Torn!

Norman Mailer is one of the most renowned literary figures in American history. But many people do not know that he was also a film director. Sure, he didn't release any mainstream movies, but much like is writing, he experimented with film in various ways. One of his films, MAIDSTONE, starred Mailer along with Rip Torn. Torn became known in recent years for his bizarre antics that...
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