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This Week in Blu-ray / DVD Releases: Muppets Most Wanted, Locke, Filth

This week: Did anyone order more Muppets? Also: Tom Hardy gets his motor runnin', and James Spader's 'Blacklist' gives the networks reason to smile. ► Well, this seems familiar: The Muppets come out with a movie everyone seems to love, but the sequel? Not so much. That was the case the...
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Review: Filth

PLOT: Bruce Robertson ( James McAvoy ) is a detective in Scotland investigating a racially motivated murder while attempting to gain an important promotion at work. However, Bruce leads a double life. While he pretends to be an upstanding officer, he's actually a raging drug addict who uses his powers as a cop to score drugs, gain sexual favours, and generally wreak diabolical...
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Insane new red-band trailer and poster for Filth, starring James McAvoy, Imogen Poots, and Jim Broadbent

The resounding thought I'm left with after seeing each new trailer for FILTH is this: I need to see this movie. I don't know if it's just the sick, depraved lunacy or the outlandish, crazy performances that sell me, but ultimately it just looks like a lot of bloody good fun. James McAvoy as a corrupt cop struggling with addiction (of many kinds, it seems) looks to be...
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New red-band international trailer for James McAvoy's Filth is the perfect Friday treat!

What a perfect trailer to debut on a Friday! For those of you stuck behind cubicles or whatever daily grind you're in, this is like the perfect sounding horn to the freedom release of the weekend. I'd caution against some of the more extreme activities in this new red-band trailer for FILTH, however I think it captures a good spirit of low-down, dirty fun. James McAvoy stars...
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James McAvoy is a "bad lieutenant" in this NSFW trailer and poster for Filth, based on the novel by Trainspotting author Irvine Welsh

James McAvoy has never had much trouble playing it over the top and it looks like he's settled into the level of intensity just fine for FILTH, an adaptation of TRAINSPOTTING author Irvine Welsh's novel . It boils down to a mix between Danny Boyle 's TRAINSPOTTING and Abel Ferrara 's BAD LIEUTENANT (and maybe a little bit of BAD LIEUTENANT: PORT OF CALL), which could make for a...
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First Looks: Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly and James McAvoy and Jim Broadbent in Filth

Here are a couple of first looks at some movies that could not be more different. One is a classy look at a Hollywood icon who became a real princess and the other is an adaptation of a novel about a raccist cop from Scotland involved in a murder investigation. First up are some set photos and a promotional shot from GRACE OF MONACO starring Nicole Kidman as Grace Kelly. Not exactly a...
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