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First Ratchet & Clank trailer kicks some asteroid

With my gaming days casual at best as of late, I'd hardly claim to be an expert in the field of RATCHET & CLANK. I know they exist, which is about the extent of my knowledge on them, so I'm coming at their big-screen adaptation totally in the dark. And that might be the best news Focus Features could hear right now, because, with no attachment whatsoever to these characters, I...
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Set Visit: The Boxtrolls - Part Two: Meet the Stop-Motion Masters

CLICK HERE for Part One of our visit: Welcome To Cheesebridge! My visit to the set of Laika's latest 3D stop-motion animated feature film, THE BOXTROLLS, was unique in that much of the time spent with the film's creators did not consist of being able to directly interviewing each individual, but offered the opportunity to bear witness to a series of presentations...
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Set Visit: The Boxtrolls - Part One: Welcome to Cheesebridge

When the good word came down the wire that I was to visit the set of Laika's newest stop-motion animated feature film, THE BOXTROLLS, it felt as if I had just been given a golden ticket - one that would grant me an afternoon within the walls of the place I've come to refer to as the “Wonka Factory” of animation studios. Excited, I made my way across the United States...
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