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Cool Videos: Jason Statham & Gal Gadot cook up hot moves in Super Bowl spot

While Gal Gadot has recently spent the better part of her free time kicking ass as Diana Prince AKA Wonder Woman for Warner Bros. and DC Comic’s JUSTICE LEAGUE , and Jason Statham … well, hasn’t stopped kicking the crap out of people for what feel like a very long time. Now, both can be seen wrecking shop for this action-packed Super Bowl ad for the...
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Luke Wilson might play NFL commish Roger Goodell in football concussion film

The Wrap is reporting Luke Wilson is in talks to play NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in Sony's untitled drama about the effects of concussions in football players. Peter Landesman (PARKLAND) is directing the film, and it'll be produced by Ridley Scott , who was originally attached to helm the project. If Wilson does agree to join the Sony movie, he'll star...
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Ridley Scott to helm a film about the effects of concussions in football players

I'm not much of a football fan. However, I've been hearing more and more about the deadly effects that hit after hit can have on the players. Recently, Hall of Fame running back and a huge legend to Dallas Cowboys fans, Tony Dorsett was recently diagnosed with the earliest stages of CTE (chronic encephalopathy) a degenerative brain disease commonly found in athletes who participate in...
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The Ten Spot: Best Football Movies (Video Edition!)

We are two weeks away from Super Bowl XLVII, I thought it would be the time to examine the best football movies ever made. You would be surprised how few there actually are. With the news that the NFL is going to be officially licensing movies with professional football teams, gone will be the days of movies with fictional leagues and teams. So, sit back with some hot wings and some beers...
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