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JoBlo Movie Show Podcast: Golden Globes, Predator, Movie Opinions, and more!

Select your listening preference below: *The following podcast is Rated F for Foul Language* Welcome to The JoBlo Movie Show Podcast ! Join hosts Paul Shirey (Editor-in-Chief,, Chris Bumbray ( film critic), and Sean Wist ( news/video editor) as they discuss all the latest and greatest (and not so greatest) things about film and...
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Studio Ghibli shows off a brand-new trailer for Ronja, the Robber's Daughter

Studio Ghibli, the premiere Japanese animation studio that brought us such classics as SPIRITED AWAY, MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO, and PRINCESS MONONOKE is hard at work on their first-ever animated kids show, and it’s coming to Amazon Prime Video later this month! RONJA, THE ROBBER’S DAUGHTER will be an animated adaptation of Pippi Longstocking author Astrid...
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Review: Silence

PLOT: Two 17th century Jesuit priests ( Andrew Garfield & Adam Driver ) travel to Japan to find their former mentor, a priest ( Liam Neeson ) who has apparently renounced his faith. REVIEW: SILENCE is a film only Martin Scorsese could have made and, to read this history behind it, one he was compelled to make. A companion piece to his THE LAST TEMPTATION OF CHRIST,...
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Martin Scorsese is Kinda Crazy (video)

All directors are kinda crazy, that's where genius comes from and Martin Scorsese is no exception. He grew up witnessing violence from the mafia in his own neighborhood and this had a profound effect on his art. Scorsese had a strict Catholic upbringing and you can always see an element of faith (or questioning of faith) in his films. Marty makes more than just "gangster...
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Martin Scorsese on why he's stopped watching new films

The first trailer for Martin Scorsese 's SILENCE hit last month and brought with it a wealth of positive responses in regards to the story c'sontent, visuals and acting. To be fair, Scorsese is known for really "bringing it" in those categories, proving to be one of the most proficient filmmakers of this day and age. Sadly, it seems that the director himself...
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Andrew Garfield prays to silence in gripping trailer for Scorsese's Silence

SILENCE is a movie that rests pretty high on many film buff’s must-see-by-the-end-of-the-year lists. For one it’s a Martin Scorsese movie, and two because film buffs can be quite catty (Craig), so you don’t want to be left out of the loop lest ye be mocked by the most vicious of dorks. Now we have the trailer, and the need to see this movie has been cranked up to...
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New images & poster drop for Silence with first trailer on the way

2016 may be considered by many to be the worst year ever in the history of humanity, but it’s better than most for one firm reason: We have a new Martin Scorsese movie on the way. SILENCE has been a labor of love for the legendary director for many years, and we’re sooooo close to seeing the epic from the master. If you need more of a reminder as to how close we actually...
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Andrew Garfield calls Martin Scorsese's Silence both brutal and meditative

A new Martin Scorsese film is always something to look forward to, but when it comes to SILENCE, a passion project of Scorsese's which he has been fighting to make for over three decades, it's understandable that our hopes are rather high. SILENCE stars Andrew Garfield and Adam Driver as two young 17th-century Jesuit priests who travel to Japan to investigate claims of...
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Silence producer says it's Scorsese's "best movie"; new runtime announced

Martin Scorsese has a new movie coming out this year. Just let that sink in. The man has delivered countless classics, and he's still bestowing upon us more and more films that can be added to the list. His newest movie, SILENCE, has been his passion project for years, and we will finally get to see it this holiday season, something I didn’t think I’d be writing just a...
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Donnie Yen announces Ip Man 4

For those of you who enjoy your martial arts, IP MAN, Donnie Yen , or all of the above, we have some good news for you! Donnie Yen took to Instagram to announce that he and director Wilson Yip will embark on another adventure together - IP MAN 4! You can check out the Instagram picture below, as well as a few words from Mr. Yen. I want to share this very excited news...
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Martin Scorsese's Silence finally lands an Oscar-friendly release date

The release of a Martin Scorsese film is always a special event, but when that film is SILENCE, a passion project of Scorsese's for close to three decades, you can't help but let your expectations spiral out of control. Production on Scorsese's epic wrapped up last year but Paramount Pictures has been fairly quiet on when SILENCE might be released, until now. Feeling as...
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Review: Beauty and the Beast (La belle et la bÍte)

PLOT : After giving up her freedom to appease her father's debt, a young woman is held captive by a monstrous beast. Soon, the two find solace and an unusual romance in this French-German adaptation of a classic. REVIEW : It’s a tale as old as time, one that continues to be told. While we wait for the live action version of Disney’s BEAUTY AND THE BEAST...
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