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Peter Jackson posts first Mortal Engines concept art

Peter Jackson is returning to the land of movies with the new flick MORTAL ENGINES based on the book of the same. The four-story series take place in a world where cities survive on wheels that travel on tracks and devour other cities to gain resources. If that seems difficult to picture then don’t waste your time straining that pretty brain and take a look at the first...
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An enormous Middle-Earth Blu-ray box-set will soon be upon us

If you've been holding out for the complete Middle-Earth Blu-ray collection for the past fifteen years, prepare to feel vindicated. Details on an enormous new box-set which contains the extended editions of both THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy as well as THE HOBBIT trilogy have been released by Amazon (via io9 ). The Middle-Earth Limited Collector’s Edition also includes the...
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Peter Jackson says he "winged it" with The Hobbit trilogy

Although The Hobbit movies grossed over $2.9 billion worldwide, they didn't reach the critical heights of the Lord of the Rings flicks, and in a fascinating behind-the-scenes video from The Hobbit Trilogy Blu-ray, Peter Jackson said he really didn't know what he was doing while shooting the films. Jackson came on board to direct after Guillermo del Toro left the project, and...
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Extended Editions of The Hobbit Trilogy are coming to theaters in October

Have you been dreaming of the chance to watch all three legs of THE HOBBIT Trilogy in Extended Edition form over several nights at a nearby theater? Of course not. No one has. But that doesn't seem to matter to Warner Bros., as they're going to give such an experience to the masses anyway. Come October - the 5th, 7th and 13th , to be precise - you'll be able to see AN...
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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies extended edition gets an R-rating

Earlier this week , it was announced that extended editions of Peter Jackson 's The Hobbit trilogy will begin screening in theaters on October 5, 2015. Besides being half an hour longer than the original theatrical version, THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES extended cut has also earned an R-rating by the MPAA for "some violence." There's no word on if...
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Extended editions of The Hobbit trilogy are heading to theaters this fall

Peter Jackson 's bloated trilogy based upon J.R.R. Tolkien 's wonderful novel "The Hobbit" will be heading back to theaters this fall; only this time, they'll be longer than ever! Far Away Entertainment (via ) has announced that the extended editions of THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY , THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG , and THE HOBBIT:...
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Peter Jackson penned a lovely farewell to Sir Christopher Lee

This morning we learned that a giant of cinema was no longer with us; Sir Christopher Lee passed away on Sunday at the age of 93. Lee had appeared in countless films, including five of the six films in Peter Jackson 's Middle-Earth saga. Lee was a long-time fan of J.R.R. Tolkien 's Middle-Earth books and when he heard that "The Lord of The Rings" was going to...
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Exclusive Cool Video: Thorin Oakenshield is a jerk

THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES has been out on Blu-ray/DVD for a good 3 weeks now, and anyone who's seen the flick knows that Thorin Oakenshield can be a real jerk. If you're familiar with the 'Darth Vader is a jerk' video, I decided to apply the same editorial treatment to Mr. Oakenjerk in a short clip edited by yours truly. Enjoy! Who else...
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The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies hits Blu-ray on March 24th

For those of you looking to complete your trilogy at home, Warner Bros has officially announced the release of THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES is slated to hit the premium format alongside DVD and Digital HD on March 24th . Outside of the inevitable deluxe edition closer to Christmas. this will be the final Middle-Earth film from Peter Jackson to debut on home video....
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A fan has re-edited The Hobbit trilogy into a single four hour film

I love me a good fan edit. Whether it be the various revisions made to THE PHANTOM MENACE or ATTACK OF THE CLONES to the reimagined take on Zack Snyder 's MAN OF STEEL, fan edits are a democratic way for movie buffs to offer an alternative look at feature films they felt could have been a bit better with some tweaks. The latest to get the fan edit treatment is Peter Jackson 's THE...
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Weekend Box Office Report: January 2-4, 2015

The Hobbit still rules them all! On the first weekend of the new year, audiences went there and back again to put THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES at the top of the box office for a third week with an estimated $21.9 million ! The final chapter of Tolkien's Middle Earth tale is now up to a $220.7 million domestic total, outpacing THE DESOLATION...
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Top 10 Projects Peter Jackson Should Make Next

THE HOBBIT: THE BATTLE OF THE FIVE ARMIES brings to an end Peter Jackson's telling of THE LORD OF THE RINGS saga. What comes next for the director is unknown, but he has several projects in development that he could try next. This list represents not only films that Jackson has been involved with in the past but also ideas for movies that could use his signature style of film-making. If you...
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