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Review: In A World...

PLOT: Carol ( Lake Bell ) is a vocal coach who just happens to be the daughter of a legendary voice-over artist ( Fred Melamed ). When the decision is made to resurrect the late Don Lafontaine’s “In A World…” trademark, the race is on as to who will follow in his footsteps. Despite competition from her father, and a new, narcissistic voice-over king ( Ken Marino ) Carol finds...
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Lake Bell stars in the hilarious trailer for In a World from writer/director Lake Bell

Lake Bell pisses me off. Nobody has the right to be that good looking and that talented both in front of and behind the camera. Damn it, between her and Ben Affleck us average looking people are getting screwed. In all seriousness, I am very surprised at how good IN A WORLD looks. The comedy looks like it hits all the right notes in mocking Hollywood without feeling like a...
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